Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Who is Josh's Soup Fairy?
January 7, 2017 8:49 AM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Rebecca babysits Paula's son. Josh pursues a new career opportunity, and Anna does not approve.
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I enjoyed Duh! lampshading just how unbelievably dumb Josh is, and So Maternal was hilarious, especially with the somewhat muted cut to 12 Hours Later (I figured that would be "something's on fire" and/or sirens).

This show is often at its best when it's not at its craziest, so it was nice to see that the weekend of babysitting ended in a fairly run-of-the-mill way that still showed us how bad Rebecca is at being an adult and how much Paula wants to be her friend.
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Surprised they got rid of Anna so quickly. And made her so mean! Didn't see any of that in her previous appearances. At least we get another link in the Josh Has Terrible Taste in Women chain.
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Didn't see any of that in her previous appearances.

What are you talking about? She's blonde, isn't she?
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Surprised they got rid of Anna so quickly.

Me too! and I was expecting Rebecca to run into Anna/Josh at Spiders' and there to be much awkwardness/cringey moments related to the cat thing. Certainly the Previously On... was kind of leading in that direction. I guess it makes sense given that they made a big point of Anna not being from West Covina 1) incompatibility with Josh who is basically West Covina's #1 Fan 2) easier to completely write her out
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I thought it was hysterical that Rebecca finding herself in the awkward position of hiding in bathrooms having to listen to Josh have sex with other women is basically a recurring theme now.
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Well, that was a quick route to forgiveness on all fronts.
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I just have to say I just capital-L loved Mrs. H exploding at Rebecca. As much as I like her as a silent presence what she said needed to be said and it needed to hit with an impact. Her verbalizing it made it as effective as it could possibly be. Plus it was nice to see her character again. She seems to have been a bit forgotten about this season.
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"'SO JEW'? Well Sieg heil, BITCH."
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