Grimm: Oh Captain My Captain
January 20, 2017 7:40 PM - Season 6, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Adalind and Monroe do everything in their power to see that Nick's clever plan to get under Captain Renard's skin goes off beautifully.
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Is there anything Sasha Roiz can't do? His Nick impression was so sweetly goofy, and his Renard was skin-crawlingly evil. (And as the AV Club points out, using the magic hat potion was such a perfectly Grimm way to keep Giuntoli off-screen for most of the episode that he was directing.)

For a minute there I thought Meissner was back for real at the end, forgot about Renard's hallucinations.

Kind of disappointing that they've hit the reset button to get everyone back into their procedural roles so quickly, or that Black Claw would cede Portland to neutrality if they're really such a global threat, but the show was always been pretty hand-wavy on the size of the wesen population. Same goes for Hadrian's Wall. I know they couldn't have had Nick be a wanted fugitive all season, and it's not like Renard is going to give up on trying to eliminate Nick & Co, so I imagine the police-station scenes will be full of dramatic tension, but, still, it's a bit too neat.
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I was a bit disappointed with the reset option, I guess they felt it too difficult to stretch out the fugitive story for the entire season and didn't want to get rid of Sash Roiz. I still think he should have gone on camera and confessed to murder.

But I wonder about Meissner, that seemed more real than his other hallucinations.
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I think the resetting is a fake-out. Renard can't possibly give up that easily, and we're only the 3rd episode into the last season. Sure there's still procedural stuff (as the preview showed) but I think that'll tie into the overall story.
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But I wonder about Meissner, that seemed more real than his other hallucinations.

I thought it was real. If so, then my current theory is that Meissner will turn out to be one of the Crusaders who buried the stick centuries ago but kept another piece for himself which has kept him alive all this time. I just hope it doesn't turn out that the stick is a piece of the True Cross, because that's not the kind of mythos I like in my Grimm (I'd prefer something more pagan, like if it turned out to be a sliver from Yggdrasil).
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Enh, I forgot about this. So it probably is a piece of the cross.
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