Colony: Broussard
January 26, 2017 8:16 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Katie walks a fine line with Broussard. Will and Beau hunt for Broussard. We learn that a belief in the Second Coming has materialized around the Raps, and the the nanny/tutor is a member. Maddie's employment situation gets complicated.
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Well, it looks like the penny finally dropped for Will with the discovery that Will had the same copy of the book in Katie's office. So...well, I guess it had to happen at some point, so what does he do?

Broussard has been pretty well developed over the last few episodes, which I've enjoyed seeing.

And Maddie is finding that being a cuckcake in return for insulin isn't working out so well...but at the same time, this is giving us good insight into the political situation at the top of the food chain; it's nice to see her storyline starting to take some shape. Really want to see what happens with Bram and the tunnel to the outside world, though.
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Oh, also wanted to add that I found the information about the Rolodex over the last couple of episodes to be an interesting comment on the state of our surveillance society and the amount of information about us that is available, especially if someone can push all the databases together.
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The Rap Religion is something I really hope we see more of next season. In a way, I think it explains why the Raps are so interested in human art and culture -- they can see clearly that it's an effective means of control, if they can tap into it correctly and reach the younger generation with it.
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You guys watching them ridicule the bizarre premise that all religions are basically political brainwashing is just glorious, and I have conflicted but happy feelings about what the show producers are trying to say about how an inherent need for faith can be useful in "programming" humans.
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The tutor/kid interaction was creepy af. The Raps are co-opting existing religious structures and corrupting and grafting on pro-Rap stuff. Maybe they end up harmonizing all of the different religions in the world? Suggests long-game planning by the Raps.

I'm not sure its an all humans kind of thing, but if they can get a critical enough mass of fervor it could then be wielded to smash atheists with, or at least force them to toe the line if it becomes a de facto religion of the powerful.

Bit surprised that the show 'went there' with the religion thing, but so relevant. Its already pretty bad, but under an authoritarian regime, it could will get even worse.

Book ciphers can be quite secure, especially if you throw in a modulo (like, increment each successive number by +2, +4, +8, +4, +2, +4, +8... whatever, as long as its agreed to beforehand or method indicated steganographically in the coded note) - except when it can be used to implicate you.
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