Steven Universe: Steven's Dream
January 30, 2017 5:41 PM - Season 4, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Steven has a dream about a Gem structure that the Crystal Gems refuse to talk about.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah yes, yes, yes! I've been dying to get talking about this since the leak.

How fucking awesome is Greg? "Oh hello, Giant Woman, Destroyer of Worlds, you seem sad, wanna talk it out?" And I loved how they juxtaposed the gems' reluctance to help Steven uncover some of his legacy with Greg's unconditional offer of support. He even found ways to talk about the fact that Steven's mother effectively murdered Pink Diamond without casting any judgement or offering any justification. He left judgement of that up to Steven himself. That takes some nimbleness and compassion. He's just the best dad on TV, bar none.

As for the Gems, come on Pearl, when you served....Homeworld? TELL ME I MUST KNOW. And I feel a bit for Garnet, it must have been really hard for her knowing Blue was on Earth and not being able to do a damn thing about it. I also love all those little moments when we're reminded that Amethyst is an Earthling, and a teenager too, more or less.

Oh! And the argument with the gems? There's puberty for you. Shit's gunna get real at the beach house.
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"We both made a lot of mistakes when we were young. I thought disco was coming back, she started a war."

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Yeah they could not have more effectively put a little PLOT INCOMING flag on Pearl's little evasion there. I'm going for White Diamond, whom no one has even mentioned, as the one she belonged to. Her color matches and if WD is the most-powerful Diamond, having a smarter/fancier Pearl would fit right in with that. Possibly WD gave her to PD and that's why the pink diamond on her spacesuit/pink hair. Our Pearl wears so many different colors, though, unlike all the other ones we've seen, which may or may not be a clue.

So many juicy plot possibilities there.

I like both Arguing Steven and Amethyst eating popcorn when it happens.

Not enough Connie in these episodes.

Awesome Korea sequence (is there a NK/SK in this universe, or just Korea?) made me very hungry. Nice little 4th-wall bit when they wander through the animation studio.

Greg at the fence "THIS looks familiar." (love Pearl's little "Please" sign).

Nice use of Uncle Andy

I wanted to see the inside of the PD palanquin, dammit.
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At first I misread Garnet's reluctance as unrelated to Blue Diamond, but it makes sense now. Steven's tears seem to imply some subconscious connection to BD's mental state.

The Korea scenes were great. Did any of you notice that Greg and Steven paid a visit to a very interesting room in an animation office? Greg seemed suitably freaked out by it....

Anyway, something I've been thinking about. Rose kept a lot of secrets. Pearl trusted her unconditionally, and as a result her self-esteem took a terrible blow in Rose's Scabbard when she started to learn some of them. We've seen before that Garnet, too (Keep It Together, when she nearly broke up into Ruby and Sapphire), doesn't know them all, and may have some reservations about them. ("She couldn't have known!" Did Rose have something to do with the gem mutants?) We find out here that Greg, by contrast, didn't want to know Rose's secrets, that they were irrelevant to him. That may have been the thing that, most of all, Rose appreciated, but it may have made her feel incredibly guilty.
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Yes, the animation room!! And Greg backing away when he notices the animator drawing him! <3
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I've been pronouncing "palanquin" wrong this whole time?
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"We both made a lot of mistakes when we were young. I thought disco was coming back, she started a war."

So... we know that disco was a thing in this universe but that it went away and hasn't had a comeback.

REALLY hoping that with Joel Hodgson doing the voice of Ma-yor Dew-ey, there will be a callback to another role of his. [warning: not so good acting]
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