My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 340: Doritos-Blasted Crow
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We spend a good 20 minutes of this episode talking about fast food and 20 minutes about workplace kissing etiquette, leaving us with a tidy 20 mintues to address virtually all of your other concerns. As if you'd have any other concerns, after all the fast food and work kissing discussion. Suggested talking points: 20 Minute Chunks, Touchable Carbs, Lost at Wendy's, Torn Pants Dreams, A Professionally Blown Kiss, I Am Glenn Close, Amusement Park Kisses, Herpes Trout
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I want the brothers to watch Willie Wonka with the question askers dad.
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Travis claimed to have never been told about Justin's No Raw Cheese preferences, but it was totally on the podcast; I'm going through the back catalogue and I'd just heard almost the same conversation 2 days before (Pretty sure it was ep 235, from a user question about their partner's dislike of cheese.) In fact I hadn't realized that this was a new ep and was briefly concerned about Travis' short-term memory. It's funny that they expressed the same levels of disbelief, although they didn't get into it as deeply as in the earlier one.
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tchemgrrl there was an Official Call Out on the MBMBAM FB group. It was pretty good.
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*airhorns* Show trailer!!

(Good interview with the boys, though somewhat spoilery about the show.)
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I could not handle Travis's "Glenn Far".
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This is the first time I've listened to the podcast but because people won't shut up about it, I thought I'd give it a shot. The line, "My baby stopped sleeping like he's in a fucking 'Nightmare on Elm St.' movie" had me rolling.

Cautiously interested. My baby also avoids sleep like he's hiding from Freddy Krueger.
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