Steven Universe: Gem Heist
January 31, 2017 5:51 PM - Season 4, Episode 13 - Subscribe

The Crystal Gems infiltrate the human zoo.
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JHarris, you ARE thinking of the next episode (spoilers!) The Zoo! Oh no!

But back to Gem Heist: I love them all pretending to be "normal" gems. Pearl has utterly forgotten how to Pearl. Ruby and Sapphire kind of suck at it too.

I wonder if Pearl was always kind of bad at it and that was why she ended up rebelling?

Lots of other redeye ships in there...who for?

"Will this work?"
Sapphire: "No. Just stick together, play it straight, let's...change the future."

"I'll be Esteban Universidad!" "Pobrecito Esteban!"

"Two humans back to back! It's probably for the best, that first one wasn't in condition."

BIG AMETHYSTS aw I want to hug them. Also they are apparently all bullshitters.

Holly Blue Agate is an amazing character though, we can all agree? Mean but also obsequious? I do like her boots, I'm not gonna lie. Christine Pedi is her voice actor and is having a LOT of fun drawling her snide remarks. Also now we know "your clarity/your grand clarity" as terms of respect.
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Mod note: Couple comments deleted for accidental spoilers; carry on.
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(Wow, that's fast!)
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So things that I love about this:

The entire attempt at breaking through the door, with a special gold star for Ruby giving it her best shot then just lying face down on the floor and groaning. I'm with you so hard, you little eternal flame.

Chatty, isn't she?

The decontamination and prep conveyor belt.

Poor Ame getting all nervous about meeting the big Amethysts. I really love how she's totally the teenage sister these days. She's growing up, bless her.

ebjaybee: I get this notion that the Big Ames spend a lot of time pranking and shit-stirring Holly, given that she assumes that anything weird is caused by one of them.
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Can't put my finger on it, but between her tears for Pink Diamond at the palanquin (perhaps tears of regret rather than simply mourning?) and her "selfless," "merciful," "giving" act of stepping in and taking over Pink Diamond's projects... I'm wondering if perhaps Blue Diamond offed Pink Diamond and the blame was pinned on Rose.
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Also, having spent time around old-school British people living in former colonies in the developing world, the writers of this show have colonial culture down pat. Blue Agate was every patrician, "civilized" racist bumblefuck "ex-pat" I met while living in Malawi.
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