Adventure Time: Islands Part 4: Imaginary Resources
February 1, 2017 10:56 AM - Season 8, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Finn and Jake find BMO on an island of humans where everyone is connected to a virtual reality simulator.
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I really liked the concept and the designs for the avatars in this one. They kind of fit in with the spirits (heh, cute, I never caught the Jim Woodring nod before) and the aliens as genuinely creative and visually strange. I like it when the design in this series dares to get weird,. Those majestic system dump avatars kind of had a Problem Solverz vibe, too.

But I was looking to see if anyone here had posted the next two episodes yet because holy crap "Min and Marty" is wonderful.
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Oh. Michael DeForge has started working for Adventure Time.

That explains a lot.
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