Steven Universe: That Will Be All
February 2, 2017 4:43 PM - Season 4, Episode 15 - Subscribe

The Crystal Gems (and Greg) make a daring escape under the noses of Yellow and Blue Diamond.
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No comments yet? Is it all the lore dropped in one episode?
  • The Famethyst! It turns out Amethysts are pretty awesome whether they're ours or not! We also got to meet a Carnelian (possibly the one Peridot said came out wrong) and even a much friendlier Jasper!
  • The way the cubbies in the Amethyst barracks are stacked up have a kind of similarity to the holes they came out of back at the Kindergarten.
  • That room full of bubbled Rose Quartzes....
  • Blue Diamond comes across as rather more sympathetic than in The Message, and even Yellow a little.
  • It is weird that Blue seems to see Earth as worth something from being connected to Pink Diamond, even though the planet's ultimate fate under the Diamonds would be to be hollowed out into a gem colony.
  • Sapphire and Ruby manage to cover pretty well.
  • We finally get the Yellow Diamond/Pearl song Deedee Magno-Hall mentioned months ago.
  • At the end of course Pearl shows up Holly Blue Agate in a moment you just know she had been waiting for.

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I had never considered the possibility of an ARMY OF ROSE QUARTZES but wouldn't they pretty much win the war if released/sympathetic to Crystal Gems? That's a LOT of RQs.

Famethyst yeah!

I am coming to believe that given the COMPLETE mystery around White Diamond, that maybe RQ did not in fact shatter PD. Though she might believe she did, and so might everyone else. But how would it even be possible to do? She didn't have Bismuth's weapon, assuming it would even work on a Diamond.

Maybe it was a setup. WD found PD a threat and took her out/blamed the rebels for it/got all the RQs bubbled away. Blue and Yellow don't know/are messed up. WD retains her ascendancy.

OR possibly PD is imprisoned somewhere and not shattered at all. Eyeball says she "saw" it but what did she see exactly? We have zero details about that event.

I love not having any idea what's going on.
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Yeah, that's a lot of Rose Quartz bubbles. Gunna be some hell to pay if they ever get free.

I do love a villain with depth, so giving Yellow a bit of a clearer motive for wanting to destroy the Earth than in Message Received really works for me. Peridot got it so very wrong - they have diamond sized flaws and diamond sized emotion. Nothing at all there is objective. Even Blue's sharp emotional turn when Sapphire was speaking to her from deep mourning to deep suspicion hints at some serious passion going on with them.

I fucking love Yellow Pearl. She's such a prim, snide little thing. If I were YD I'd carry her around to sing songs for me all the damn time too.

Speaking of songs, "a Lapis terraforms", eh? Didn't see that one coming, though it makes sense - the Beta Kindergarden is clearly water-eroded.

I was kind if disappointed by the Diamonds' song at first, but it's grown on me. It's a bit discordant, but becomes melodic when they're talking about love. It's actually pretty clever.

Like, the third wildest weekend, Greg? THE THIRD?

And there's still time for WHAT, exactly, Yellow? FOR WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??
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This episode still hasn't come up on Amazon. Volume 6 started with Gem Heist/The Zoo, but that's still all that's in there. I had to watch That Will Be All on YouTube.
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yeah tomboko, I assume that will be there when the new March episode comes out--they like to do them two at a time.

Except sometimes they don't! Gem Harvest and Three Gems and a Baby were released alone.

Also Amazon "seasons" have nothing to do with actual CN seasons.

I don't know what it is about this show that breaks the ability of providers to do things in a logical way.
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If Pink Diamond was shattered, I've been assuming one of her shards is embedded in Lion. It would mean that Lion was at least Rose's second experiment in fusing Gem tech with Earth biology (keep in mind the pride of lions she was travelling around with in "Buddy's Book"- Lion could have been one who was born premature or something), after the moss from "Lars and the Cool Kids" and before going all the way and having essentially a half-Gem child.
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if you have cable, the recent episodes might be available on CN's site

I loved this episode so much. I want my own Famethyst that just rolls with me wherever I go.
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Like, the third wildest weekend, Greg? THE THIRD?

Even though Greg is a musician, there's something about him that says "ex-roadie" to me.
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So our Jasper's the weird one for being such an insufferable asshole? That explains her character so much more.
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If we're still talking about super gay subtexts, can we talk about Yellow Diamond's fist-shaped ship?
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Watching this a couple years after everyone else, there were two things I was waiting for. The first came here, with Amythyst having gotten all the other Amythysts (and a few Jaspers!) on-board!
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It's a great episode, yes!
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