Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?
February 4, 2017 7:52 AM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Season 2 ends with Rebecca's father making a surprise appearance, which gets Rebecca's hopes up for her future. Meanwhile, Josh takes a hard look at himself; and White Josh and Darryl arrive at an unexpected crossroad.
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Josh has run off to the prettiest girl of all!

The first song this episode was great.
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I briefly worried that they were going for a "maybe she's still in the institution!" vibe, but that doesn't seem to be the case, thank God.

I agree about the opening Slipknot number being wonderful, and also really enjoyed the omni-reprise.

Thing I'm most looking forward to about season 3: The opening theme based around JOSH CHAN MUST BE DESTROYED.
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For real I thought that Rebecca was heading to go off the cliff the first time, during the medley (which was also great, how many songs did it incorporate?) when she was convincing herself that she was happy.
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Is there a direct Slipknot reference to that song, though? I honestly thought it was just, like, generic nu-metalish hard rock.
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Also, does that girl just live at the basketball court or what?
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Curious to see how far they take the "Josh is becoming a priest!" storyline. I love Father Brah and how real he is while still being pretty darn good at his job.

No surprise Valencia is the most amazing wedding planner ever. 2 weeks for a wedding that beautiful?! Insane.
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This was so great! My jaw dropped several times. The Robert reveal was great, and completely believable. I loved the super-medley (it also served to make me respect them planting that strange "Daddy's Little Girl" song way back in Season 1, as calling back to it here was perfect). Rebecca's transparent desire to keep people with her—"I'm happy now! This is the version of me that he will stick around for."—is so wonderful, and so sad.

Someone on ONTD pointed out, in the framing of the final shot we do get wedding vows— or rather a vow between Rebecca and Paula (who have always been the central relationship of the show) to destroy Josh Chan.

Also my heart was warmed to see Rebecca end the season surrounded by Paula, Valencia, and Heather. #gurlgroup4evah

Can't wait for Season 3! Though, not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous about my OTP (Darryl and White Josh). Hopefully they can communicate their way through this thing, because... I love them.
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Watching the ending again, the most striking thing to me is how it re-contextualizes so many of Rebecca's actions since the series started. Abandoning her law-career plans over a romance, obsessing over a man who's already attached, even the grief arson. So we're not watching her flail through this situation so much as she's falling back into an old pattern of self-destruction.
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Well, "Josh runs off to become a priest" was not one I expected. Good luck with that, buddy.
I did enjoy Nathaniel's "enjoy flying coach." What a heartless fuck her dad is.
I also look forward to next season's theme song.
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Now that we're at the end of the season, did anyone else notice the season-long trend toward dressing Rebecca in Eastern European-style stitched blouses? This is the first one I could find a handy pic of, but there were several. During one of her adventures with Valencia, she had on a white one blue stitching that was so Romanian my wife shouted at the tv in delight.
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Oh my god I only just got the cliffhanger joke I am so ashamed.
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When Rebecca goes to hug her dad at the rehearsal dinner, the background music is from Love Kernels.
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