Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge
October 14, 2017 11:10 AM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Abandoned at the altar, Rebecca works to plot her revenge; White Josh and Darryl have some problems to work on; Paula and Scott confront unusual issues in their marriage.
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My life isn't complete without having a Crazy Ex-GF song stuck in my head for a full week. "Let's Generalize About Men" is that song for me this week. So. Good.

A few minor quibbles...Nathaniel's sudden clinginess seemed way out of character and Rebecca's initial lack of a decent revenge scheme seemed like a bit of an about face...but otherwise this episode made the long, long months of waiting worth it! Rebecca's transformation is exactly how she would play the scorned woman seeking revenge and her slips back into her real personality are funny. Love Valencia's "Am I dead??", Rebecca calling Nathaniel out on his lame excuse for stopping by, and the surprise Akopian gag. Very much a set up episode so there's a lot going on. I didn't even notice the lack of a theme song until the episode was over.
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Wow, the ending to Let's Generalize About Men was hilariously brutal.

I liked how every storyline had an inversion from what might have been expected. Like, I thought Rebecca was going to have a cunning plan, but it turned out to be crap. I was existing White Josh to succeed in setting boundaries with Darryl, but instead we got him committing to being a better partner. Nathan's clinginess was the opposite of what I expected from him, and the way Paula's arc with her husband is developing is also subverting my expectations.

I really enjoyed Valencia and Heather's contributions to this episode, and I hope we get to see Fake Josh again.
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This was not a bad episode, but after rewatching the tremendous run they ended season two on, it was a step or two back.

I think I would have enjoyed it more if they'd started the season well into the execution of a mysterious plan to get back at Josh, without explaining to us what it was, and with all of the parts seeming odd and inexplicable.

The false starts they went through trying to get the revenge plan off the ground just felt like having the season mired in false starts too.

And I'll have to respectfully disagree about Fake Josh, which I thought was just low, low, low-rate sitcommy garbage.
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I think it's gonna wander into freaky territory this season, but I did love "Let's Generalize About Men." Sometimes the timing just really works with our horrible real world, doesn't it?
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Let's all talk about how awesome Heather's cut-up-and-re-sewn t-shirt was.

Pretty awesome!
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