Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Is Josh Free In Two Weeks?
January 28, 2017 1:32 PM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Rebecca dives into planning her wedding, but struggles to do everything without help. At work, Nathaniel's high standards continue to complicate....well, everything.

The whole supporting cast got a chance to shine in this one -- Valencia found her arc (with assistance from Heather and some day drinking), Paula gets an AMAZING rant, and the Whitefeather & Associates scenes are....not exactly highbrow, but I liked them a lot. And, of course, TRENT! If only there'd been room in the script for White Josh...


Tell Me I'm Okay
Man Nap

And last but not least, by popular demand....
Period Sex
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A lot of the major side characters made an appearance in this episode: Rebecca's mom, Maya the office assistant, Father Brah, Sunil, Trent. Loved it.

Liked the episode but it overall just felt like rising tension before the release of the wedding episode next week (!). I bet it'll play better on Netflix than it did on its own.

I cannot wait to see what Trent will do next week -- so glad to see that he's returning. It's like what Trent says: "You'll think, 'he's so normal, I'm in love.'" It's especially fitting given how keen Rebecca was this episode to appear 'normal.'
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Also Rebecca's dad.
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The only sadness in my heart is that we're not seeing my OTP (Darryl/White Josh). Other than that this was a fun episode. I really liked seeing Valencia get over her "eh"ness to realize that she's really good at wedding planning, and her and Heather (and Paula, separately) stepping up to help Rebecca was really sweet.

It wasn't coincidental, I thought, that the most "beautiful" moment—reflected in Rebecca's face—was when she sees all of her women friends of West Covina coming together to celebrate her bridal shower. I thought, "Yes! This is what you will learn! That friendship and community beat out one stupid guy or another." But I know we've got another season or two for that lesson to really sink in. :)

"Man Nap" I could take or leave. "Tell Me I'm OK" was a nice, slightly-Sondheim-y return to classical musical theatre, which I loved. The piano bit (she sits on the piano, he plays; he sits on the piano, she plays; they both sit on the piano, and the package plays!!!) was great.

Also: I'm starting to love Mya. "Do you guys want to sit at the same table?" ... "My dad and I email each other Westworld theories every Monday."
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This really felt like an incomplete, moving the chess pieces sort of episode. It was fun -- Seth Green has great facial expressions -- but it was sort of rushed and off-balance, probably because of the short season.

I did like Valencia stepping up, and Paula secretly berating Rebecca's other mom, and not much about Nathaniel.
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The Nathaniel stuff reminded me of Chris Traeger on Parks and Rec. Come across as nearly flawless, but then ...
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We had Costco sheet cake at our wedding!!! It was awesome.

Loving Valencia as wedding planner. Not surprised at Josh being Kosh and bailing emotionally when things get tough- wah was, my partner is so uptight, you are very cool, new girl.
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Valencia being in charge of planning is a natural fit.
You knew the Nathaniel's dad thing was coming. (I just want to rip the dad's hand out of Nathaniel's pooping ass what with all the "my dad says....") But I did not see the Rebecca's dad thing coming. So props for that.

Well, odds are high the wedding does not finish next week, so I guess it's time to take bets on what will break it up:
(a) Trent
(b) Josh freaks out and runs
(c) Someone objects to the wedding (so many potential suspects for it)
(d) Rebecca snaps and runs
(e) What else....?
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Ahhh, fecal urgency, my old friend.
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Heather's sweater in her first scene this episode has some odd and nifty construction going on.
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I realize it was a very, very small thing, but the flashback to Paula berating Rebecca's mother and telling her to go to a wedding shop and buy a size 6 dress off the rack kinda got me miffed. I'm the same size as Rebecca, what with the heavy boobs and everything, and there is no way she'd/we'd fit into a size 6 dress.
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"By the way, you look like the guest of honor at a park ranger gala."

The CEG writers couldn't have known it when they wrote that line, but these days, that comparison is a pretty high compliment!

I really loved "Tell Me I'm Okay." I cracked up at the package playing the piano at the end, but that gorgeously bombastic tone paired with the bug-eyed-but-controlled panic really hit me hard.
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