Most Loathsome MST Movies
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This question came up in the Racket Girls post: what are the most loathsome MST3K movies? That is, not just bad, but reprehensible in some way? Creepy? Grossly exploitative? Makes you feel bad about the people who made it? Suggestions made so far are Racket Girls, The Girl in Gold Boots, Hobgoblins and The Horror of Spider Island.
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One I forgot to mention is Attack of the the Eye Creatures, but the loathsomeness in that one—while intense—is mostly confined to certain scenes, e.g. the Peeping Panopticon scenes.

And of course, you know, Manos.
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Hobgoblins is preeeeeeeeety horrible.
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Isn't there a sword-and-sorcery one that's basically set in rape world? Maybe Deathstalker?
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_Outlaw_ (s5e19), which is based on a Gor book.
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I seem to remember those early biker movies (like Sidehackers) being pretty skeevy in a thoroughly off putting way.
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For being set in creepy rape world, Outlaw is actually pretty tame on the skeevy violence.
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Deathstalker I (which MST didn't do; they did #3 IIRC) is suuuuuuuuuuuper rapey. Like "turn it off three minutes in" rapey.
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I think Hobgoblins bothers me so much because it is relatively contemporary and set in "the real world."
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From seeing the MST episode, we rented a different Deathstalker (II or IV) looking for some good-natured bad movie watching and was pretty shocked to find it had a ton more nudity. III seems to standout for its lack, it's just bad.

The first Gor movie is also pretty light on the rape world stuff. It's like the moviemakers decided to just throw all that out, which is a rare moment of sanity and consideration from Cannon Films.
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Well, I think Sidehackers is pretty well known for being the one where they didn't realize there was a violent rape scene in when they decided to riff it. At least they cut it.

I feel like The Violent Years has a lot of odd stuff in it (like the implication that the gang of women raped the guy in the car, which is supposed to be funny somehow, and the dying in childbirth as punishment, and the preachy judge).

And, of course, there's always Mr. B. Natural (I kid, I kid).

(This is the comment I make to celebrate my 10th MeFi anniversary?)
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