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September 22, 2014 1:09 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A morning coffee run goes disastrously wrong for one hapless Philadelphia PD policeman. Walter and the rest of the team painstakingly reconstruct Officer Explodey before Walter does that thing with the fruit again meaning Astrid has to clean up the lab. Again. Gene is not impressed. Viewers who have Problems with Needle Scenes are again ruthlessly overlooked before Peter and Olivia fly off to Baghdad, because why not? Olivia has an issue with mint tea.
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Agent Jessup who?

Lest we forget, Peter is a mysterious worldly man of intrigue who has a network of shady connections conveniently in place for when the show has to go to Baghdad. Sign of the times, there, how ominously that plot segment was set up. For all that, though, they, what? go to a bar and ask a guy for the doctor then have a drink and the doctor's actually the dishwasher in the back? Maybe it wasn't that easy, I can't remember, but still it's a good thing Olivia and Peter were sitting down for the drink because that whole deal fell right into their laps.

Astrid's spectrum-status hinted at by Peter near the end. She's put the human bomb back together like Peter and Walter put together the pin-up jigsaw puzzle, and it's just a game to be left out on the table. He comes in and covers the corpse up. A tiny bit of foreshadowing for how weirdly wired her counterpart is in the alternate universe.
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"Whatever is in those cases is going to destroy us all."

I love both the foreshadowing to season 5, but also the more direct warning that Dr. Bishop will destroy us all, which is probably always a good thing to remember.
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