Boardwalk Empire: What Jesus Said
September 22, 2014 7:45 AM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Chalky and his fellow escapee seek refuge. Nucky goes a-courtin' and opts for seltzer. Margaret is asked about Mr. Redstone and meets with Mrs. Redstone. Dr. Narcisse declines an offer he shouldn't refuse. Meanwhile in Flashback City, our young protagonist delivers fresh flowers and kisses a pony.
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More's the pity that Arnold Rothstein died offscreen and we are left only with his widow, who has none of his nuance or intelligence. She appears to be serving only as a device to push Margaret back toward Nucky. And what was in that letter that Gillian wrote to Nucky? What could she have to tell him? This episode spent way too much time with the convicts--where are Eli and Van Alden?

I mean, FFS, with only FIVE episodes left, how in the hell are they going to wrap up all these storylines? I've resigned myself to accepting that there will be regular visits back to Nucky's childhood. After his scene with Masseria, talking about retirement, all I can picture is Nucky's sitting in a coffee shop, listening to Al Jolson, and everything cuts to black.
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I had to fast forward through the home invasion part. I can watch gangsters get blown to bits with no hassle, but terrified innocents....yeesh.

Plus, what was the point?

So Mable the little girl is Nucky's future wife? I'm like, whaaattt??
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I was so relieved when Chalky killed that other convict. It was like when Gyp Rossetti got stabbed in the back by one of his own men and I was so glad I no longer had to watch him. I was afraid that the crazy convict would be in all the episodes to the end. Although there are lots of terrible characters on this show, a few are like mad dogs and I can't stand to watch what they do to innocent people.
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