Fringe: Momentum Deferred   Rewatch 
September 24, 2014 10:19 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Bodies bleed silver while Walter introduces Olivia and her memory problem to the joys of Platyhelminthes. Charlie gets some sleep advice, and everyone tries to stay one step ahead of the competition. Is Astrid a hallucination? Or maybe she's a pod person (the remake). Or an LSD inspired vision of the other side? Whatever it is, it's as clear as a bell: A storm is coming.
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I absolutely love how Olivia downs the worms. So much weird shit she's been through so far, that a few sliced-up invertebrates? No problem. Whatever works.

Is it ever made clear exactly how or what prompts the memories? Sam Weiss has her tying shoes and fitting bowling balls and keeping track of scores. Walter has her drink the worm juice. Between those tactics it seems like her memories were starting to surface again. But it wasn't until Walter struck the bell (the William Bell?) that her mind opened up and the flood came back.

That point in this episode is the awkwardest commercial break of all time. We're just getting into the psychedelic lady's trip and BOOM nope we're just gonna jet back to another universe for the rest of the episode and pretty much forget about her. Too bad, she was cool. Also too bad because it seemed like she had something to say to Peter that she never got aroun—Around two-woo-wWWOOAAAHHHHHOHOHOHHHH!
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Furthermore, Peter better damn well think twice before cementing himself in the position of Olivia's partner. She's had to shoot both of the previous ones.
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I liked the contrast between the two reunions: Olivia's with Bell and Rebecca's with Walter. Olivia was angry and upset. She doesn't care that she's become special, that the experiment was a success. For her that doesn't compensate for the initial crime of experimenting on her without her consent. Certainly an understandable reaction!

On the other hand, Rebecca is pleased to see Walter again. She is grateful that, no matter how briefly, he made her special. He's clearly nervous about meeting her again - no doubt due to Olivia's hissy fit in the diner - but she not only has fond memories of the past, she's willing to do it again.

Mind you, later on when we see more of what Olivia went through, her anger becomes pretty justified. But she doesn't remember all that at the point when she meets Bell, and we don't know it yet either. It's worth remembering Rebecca, I think, as a counterpoint to all the experiment participants who were unconsenting, unwilling or simply drafted.

Poor Charlie. He reminds me a bit of Xander in the first couple of seasons of Buffy. Clearly a bit stuck on our blonde heroine, always getting infested with some sort of demonic thing or strange life-form. Xander survived Inca Mummy Girl though, and Charlie wasn't so lucky with the shapeshifter. Good thing there's another universe.

Oh, and Astrid can't chop. She should have used the blender from the start.
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