Supernatural: The Raid
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Sam and Dean feel betrayed by their mother. Mary brings Sam into a British Men of Letters plan to take out a nest of Vampires, but the hunters become the hunted.
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I hadn't liked anything about the British Men of Letters this season, but The Raid was the first time I enjoyed an episode that included them. Probably because they were at a disadvantage and the Winchesters saved the day. I was thrilled to see the Alpha Vampire return. It's about time. I can see him being a significant enough figure for Sam to see the value of the BMOL. Though it's unrealistic to believe that Sam would suddenly be on board with killing all monsters. What about werewolf Garth? I mean, Dean was a vampire for a minute there back in Season 6. Still, I really liked this episode.
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Sam, buddy, I sure hope you're not going to regret handing over that recipe for Colt bullets.
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I also liked this episode, and was kind of dreading it as I catch up, because SPN vampires tend to lead to my least favorite episodes. We'll see where it all goes with the Brits, but I found Sam's "picking a side" to be fairly realistic. He's always been drawn to a normal life; much more than Dean has, in any case.

The stuff with Mary is a bit harder for me to accept. I can see, maybe, why she'd want to partner with a group to eliminate all baddies. I guess the Winchester boys got their sense of family loyalty from John, not Mary. It makes sense that Sam and Dean would feel distance from a mother that's been gone their whole life, but it makes less sense to me that Mary, who knew them as children and just reappeared as though the last 30 years had not happened isn't more dedicated to the boys. She should be all Mama Bear RARRRR at what the Brits did to Sam.
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Ketch: [to Serena, handing her his duffel bag] Serena. Oh, you're headed past the armory. If you wouldn't mind. Unpack, reshelve, and my Sig Sauer could use a good scrubbing.
Serena: I have three PhDs.
Ketch: And we're all very proud of you, love.


The hunter from Louisiana is wearing a Guidry's shirt. This is the restaurant Benny the vampire worked at when Dean and he returned from purgatory.

Sam says he last met the Alpha Vamp five years ago in Hoople, ND. He actually met him in Missoula, Missouri. In ep. 7.22, "There Will be Blood," Crowley tells Sam and Dean to look for the Alpha in Hoople. There they only find the girl Emily in the Alpha's home. She directs them to his home in Missoula, where they do find him. The boys first met the Alpha Vamp in Calumet City, IL, when he was a prisoner in Crowley's dungeon of monsters in season 6's "Family Masters".

In previous episodes with the Colt a sharp-eyed viewer could see that the gun had no trigger guard and, sometimes, no visible trigger. This is our first good view of how the trigger worked; when Sam cocked back the hammer the trigger folded out. The 1836 Colt Paterson had that folding trigger; in most details this gun looks just like a Colt Patterson. A few European folding trigger revolvers were made for a while but in a few years all gun manufacturers gave up on that design.

Sam is shown loading the round Mick gives him into the Colt by rotating the cylinder and opening a loading bay. While a lot of single action revolvers are loaded that way, that is not how a Colt Paterson is loaded. In order to load a Colt Paterson you have to pull a pin out of the frame of the gun and then pull the barrel off. Once the barrel has been removed you then have to remove the cylinder from the arbor (a rod that the cylinder rotates on) in order to load it, loading this type of revolver takes at least a minute, and that is with a lot of practice, it would have been impossible for Sam to load it in the split second where the Alpha was distracted.

When the Alpha Vamp is shot in the head by Sam using the Colt, the camera shot and CGI is the same as that when the gunfighter in The Quick and the Dead is shot in the head.

Mr. Ketch wins Dean's trust the same way Dean won Rufus over back in season 3, with an excellent bottle of liquor. Dean also behaved like a crotchety old man, just as Rufus did in season 3.

The "prop" scotch that Arthur Ketch brings to share with Dean most resembles Glendronach Scotch Whisky, aged 33 years. Retail price in the UK: £1000.00.

The image and caption on the article about Michael Parks' murder scene in Akron is recycled from when a demon tried to assassinate Rowena and two other witches at a café in Denver. This is apparent because the caption reads, "Denver police continue to investigate the homicide; Café Elta remains closed to the public".

During the flashback, after Moncrieff knocks out Mary, you see him stomp on the gold weapon to break it. When he leaves, the camera points straight at the weapon from ground level, and you can clearly see that it is made of plastic.
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It's crazy that the Men of Letters didn't have a plan in place for if their field headquarters should come under attack. They'll have to move that unit immediately.

Moncrieff was a complete idiot to betray everyone to the Alpha Vamp, but I suppose it was well established prior to that he was a dolt.

I can definitely see Mary wanting to work with the Men of Letters to clear North America of all the monsters, but she should not have lied to her sons. She could have brought them around to the idea. After all, they work with the King of Hell and his mother.

That was some quick thinking and smart tactics on the part of Mick and Sam to improvise a way for Mick to slip Sam a bullet for the Colt. They barely know each other, yet they were able to clue in to what the other was up to and work together to get that gun loaded.

The Alpha Vamp was a cool character and I'm sorry we didn't see more of him. Rick Worthy played him with such finesse.
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Dean, legacy Man of Letters, standing in the American Men of Letters’ capital city of monster-hunting, angrily asking another Man of Letters how they found the giant Men of Letters bunker, as if it were a mystery and not a matter anyone living there had ever considered before, was bizarre but also extremely funny to me.

(But I still don’t understand why the BMOL are so sure that the Winchesters have this massive influence among American hunters, or how much we’re supposed to believe they’re correct in this belief. I mean, I guess we are meant to take it as fact, but it still seems very strange, since from what we’ve seen of other hunters the Winchesters are mainly known for Sam starting the Apocalypse and being possessed by Lucifer, and both of them being dead. Probably some hunters would find that alone rad enough to sign on, but the BMOL say they want the good kind of hunter.)

Since I definitely had to look this up, the last time Sam saw this Colt was when Dean used it to shoot Lucifer the night they met him, back in 5x10. (It didn’t work AND they lost their magic gun.) After all the drama around it back then, having it suddenly hauled out on a table in front of you seven years later must be a mildly bizarre experience.

It’s pretty interesting how much easier a time Sam is having with Mary, or rather, how hard a time Dean is having with her apparent disinterest in being whatever version of his mom he had in his head from when he was a kid. Like, Dean has a lot of unresolved childhood shit, I get why on some level he’s still angry he didn’t get to grow up with her and is frustrated not to have that relationship now. But it seems like Sam’s more of a blank slate on what his expectations of his mom should even be, maybe because for him those needs were always met (or not met) by Dean or John.
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