Supernatural: The Raid
March 10, 2017 1:20 AM - Season 12, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean feel betrayed by their mother. Mary brings Sam into a British Men of Letters plan to take out a nest of Vampires, but the hunters become the hunted.
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I hadn't liked anything about the British Men of Letters this season, but The Raid was the first time I enjoyed an episode that included them. Probably because they were at a disadvantage and the Winchesters saved the day. I was thrilled to see the Alpha Vampire return. It's about time. I can see him being a significant enough figure for Sam to see the value of the BMOL. Though it's unrealistic to believe that Sam would suddenly be on board with killing all monsters. What about werewolf Garth? I mean, Dean was a vampire for a minute there back in Season 6. Still, I really liked this episode.
posted by cfoxhi at 1:26 AM on March 10, 2017

Sam, buddy, I sure hope you're not going to regret handing over that recipe for Colt bullets.
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I also liked this episode, and was kind of dreading it as I catch up, because SPN vampires tend to lead to my least favorite episodes. We'll see where it all goes with the Brits, but I found Sam's "picking a side" to be fairly realistic. He's always been drawn to a normal life; much more than Dean has, in any case.

The stuff with Mary is a bit harder for me to accept. I can see, maybe, why she'd want to partner with a group to eliminate all baddies. I guess the Winchester boys got their sense of family loyalty from John, not Mary. It makes sense that Sam and Dean would feel distance from a mother that's been gone their whole life, but it makes less sense to me that Mary, who knew them as children and just reappeared as though the last 30 years had not happened isn't more dedicated to the boys. She should be all Mama Bear RARRRR at what the Brits did to Sam.
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