Homeland: Alt.Truth
March 13, 2017 2:53 PM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Carrie and Saul present evidence to Keane. Quinn tracks a mark.
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Wait, do you think for a minute Dar Adal might be involved in every plot thread we've seen so far!?!? say it ain't so!!
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Since the trope is for the obvious candidate to turn out not be the one pulling the strings, it can't be Adal and so I nominate arj cbghf pbf Ebo (rot13) as the one behind the bomber/sniper. Their personal history causes them to want war with Iran, it will transpire.
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I think it is the unknown mole from season 1.
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I'm waiting for Max to be unveiled as the secret evil genius behind EVERYTHING. In the last scene of the last episode ever, there he'll be, silhouetted at a desk, will spin round on his office chair and unleash a chilling laugh as he finally presses a button that will wipe out any of the remaining people that called him a mute/stabbed the colleague he fancied/said "Who are you again?"

I'm thinking now it's less likely that Dar's in total control of the shit going down at the lake house - why go to all the trouble to get Astrid and Quinn all the way there, fake ID for Quinn etc., only to get them shot shortly after arriving?

Thought the final scene between A&Q was beautiful and heartbreaking - when she said "You're different than you were" and he almost smiles while admitting "I keep hoping I'm not... But I know I am" - awww man that got me in the feels.

Also: I enjoyed Quinn's meatball gluttony :)
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Astrid! Whyyyyyyyyyyy.

I knew she was a goner the minute he took the bullets out of the gun. It was the opposite of Chekhov's Gun.
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Yeah, Dar is definitely controlling some of it. He has the most ties to the other players.

The idea of cbghf pbf Ebo is plausible.

So, what was Dar's intentions to employ Astrid? It looked like Astrid initially come as a friend, but figured Dar's plan and tried helping Quinn escape his past, no?
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Talk about self inflicted wounds. Saul's getting outmaneuvered by Dar. Peter mistrusting Astrid, unloading the gun and running off on his own. (Echoes of the start of the season, where Peter can't understand why Carrie is helping him.) Also did Peter misidentify the guy at the motel? It's ambiguous, but I think we're meant to realize he was right all along.

Continue to love the Infowars analog guy. It's a bit too frighteningly close to home in the Trump Era, but it's really great to see it played out this way.
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When I first realized that the president-elect was a woman, I thought it was going to be painful to watch some Hillary-esque president character, but actually it hasn't been. Elizabeth Keane is absolutely nothing like Hillary Clinton in any regard (just as the previous Homeland president was nothing like Obama) and it's been easy to suspend disbelief and watch a new presidency play out in the Homeland universe.

I thought for sure that Quinn was dead -- I thought I saw blood in the water -- but there are some people you can't kill with a meat axe.
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Yeah, I'm torn on whether to ascribe the assassin to Dar. What a brutal move to pull Astrid into it, if the goal was just to take out Peter. She's only needed if the plan is to control him, although I guess assassination could have been the fallback plan when it looked like control wasn't working. It's messy either way.
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