The Bachelor: Finale/After the Final Rose
March 14, 2017 5:36 AM - Season 21, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Nick chooses between the last of the two women, but will she say yes, or will she open a small bed and breakfast in Finland instead?
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I raged-watched it ;)

Seriously just cannot with all of the crying. Tears of happiness, of sadness, of regret, of embarrassment. He must need so much hydrating to replace all of the fluids. Hope they had lots of bottled water.

Nick is going to be on Dancing with the Stars next, and there goes Raven and Corinne to Bach Pad or whatever it's called.

I saw zero chemistry between Vanessa and Nick. I saw much more between Nick and Raven. It's almost like N+V decided between the two of them to give the audience a great show by doing the whole "will she or won't she" thing and the "oh man will I get rejected AGAIN" thing.

I touched on this in last week's fanfare but I don't think there's ever been a season of this show in which the lead has macked out with so many people, and with such gusto. I mean....he gave his all to every single woman on the show. I would be mortified if I were Vanessa, watching him ram his tongue down every woman's throat and look at them so longingly and lustily, amid so many sighs and so many tears of regret. UGH. UGH. I mean...half of them fell in love with him, but I also think he fell in love with half of them.
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I'm starting to think maybe this show where it is basically a requirement to sleep your way to the end is just not made to create relationships. Maybe the fact that your fiance recently had sex with you and two other people in three days puts a damper on things? Perhaps when you aren't surrounded by a gaggle of other girls reminding you how lovely a boy is you realize he's not that great?

Nick was pretty mean to Vanessa, so I wouldn't be surprised if she notices how she said 'I love you' first and his response was just about as milquetoast and bland as you could possibly be.
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The way he didn't know who he was going to choose until the amazing revelation he had upon awaking the very morning of the rose ceremony! I mean....whodathunk. Every single time, the lead has no idea who they're going to pick until the day of reckoning, and then it all becomes crystal clear.

I don't think he even really likes Vanessa. He picked the one who would afford the most drama....she was so hard to get and it was so touch and go but by golly, she came around and Nick is no longer a loser!
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Photo recap!
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