Alice Isn't Dead: The Last Free Place
April 4, 2017 7:26 AM - Subscribe

A dangerous meeting in the last free place.

Roberta Colindrez (the narrator of the "Haugen, Montana" mini-ep) officially debuts as a new nemesis, more thoughtful and dangerous than the Thistle Men.
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Finally had a chance to listen, and while this was kind of a recap episode it also is queuing up what may be a stranger and more dangerous trip than season 1. Looking forward to more.
posted by jazon at 2:39 PM on April 6, 2017

I really liked this one. AS scary as the 'thistle' men were they were Roberta Colindrez's as yet un-named character is down right terrifying because, like was said in the episode, shes both dangerous and smart. Be interesting to see where they go with her and who's "side" she is on if any ones.
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I am so excited for this season of Alice Isn't Dead. I hope we get some more information about what Alice actually does.
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