Your Name (2016)
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Two strangers find themselves linked in a bizarre way. When a connection forms, will distance be the only thing to keep them apart?

Just saw this anime in a theater. It was dubbed but the quality was really great. The animation is top notch as well.

The whole thing left me teary. It was such an engrossing story, full of emotions. I'll wait for more of us to see it before discussing spoilers.
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Saw it with my 10 year old daughter yesterday. We also saw the dubbed version, at her request. I would have chosen a subtitled showing, but the dubbed version was good.

The kid liked it but had trouble following it. The three year gap between Taki and Mitsuha was hard for her to grasp.

I liked it more than she did, but there wasn't as much of an emotional charge as I was expecting. I'm not sure what I would change, but the ending seemed very low-key.

Favorite moment: Mitsuha goes to Tokyo to find Taki, but he doesn't recognize her. That scene packs a punch.
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I'm really looking forward to this. I saw The Place Promised in our Early Days, Voices of a Distand Star and 5 Cenitmeters Per Second in 2007. Makoto Shinkai's work is so beautiful.

I'd love to see this and Our Little Sister on the same weekend.

The AV Club review says Your Name is the 4th highest-grossing movie ever in Japan.
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Lovely movie! Not quite the masterpiece I was expecting, but worth seeing in a theater for the beautiful artwork. Glad I saw it on a whim.

Maybe I'm really not getting something, but


How did they not realize there was a three year difference in the two lives? They go to school and for sure will see or write the date at some point during the many days they spend as the other person. This is either a glaringly huge plot gap, or I didn't grasp the concept at all.
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How did they not realize there was a three year difference in the two lives? They go to school and for sure will see or write the date at some point during the many days they spend as the other person. This is either a glaringly huge plot gap, or I didn't grasp the concept at all.

I think you could chalk it up as it either not coming up (people discussing the month and day but not year) or the poor memory factor - them learning but forgetting things that happen during their switches. Mostly, though, it's just the conceit of the movie-- you have to accept it or the movie won't work.
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Yeah I think the memory factor is a major one, although I'm also wondering why they wouldn't note that in the journals of each other. Perhaps (like most teenagers) they had more pressing concerns about each other's lives.
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It was down to this or Power Rangers this weekend and I'm glad I picked this one! I'm also glad it's posted here because i keep trying to talk about it to my coworkers and they keep giving me looks.

-I was maybe expecting something slightly more adult-oriented in its sensibility? Even so, I was surprised how invested I found myself in the characters by the end. I really liked Mitsuha and Taki, and was REALLY hoping for the mega happy ending.

-I enjoyed watching the secondary characters sort of develop their own lives as the story went on, too. A lot of those roles could easily have been filled with much shallower types and the plot would have moved along fine, but instead we got to see some really stand-up people be there for their friends, even when they didn't quite understand what was up with them.

-The animation was lovely across the board, but the abstract dream-like sequence of Taki in the shrine was fully masterful.

-I think they walked the line around the comet magic really well. It had a satisfying context and history so that it wasn't just a Freaky Friday conceit, but didn't become distracting with exposition or world-building for its own sake. The only hitch being, yes, the year thing. That wasn't quite enough to break the spell for me, but the thought did occur.

[Spoilers, I guess]

-What was up with the little music-video interludes? I haven't watched a lot of anime lately, is that a common stylistic thing? There were some pretty major spoilers in there that undercut the whole "Did she die in the explosion/is she a ghost?" thing by showing Mitsuha as an adult at the very beginning of the film.
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I've been out of the anime loop for a while so I'm not sure about that opening intro being typical. Shows certainly always have them, but IIRC anime movies usually don't. The mid-point music interlude seems more like your typical movie montage with a song, i.e. getting ready for the day / trying on clothes / this is their daily life. I think the loudness of the song is probably what threw you off, but that could've been due to the dubbing, since I remember the song being in English.
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My fourteen year old and I really enjoyed this. We both thought it had a very trans sensibility. She keeps talking about the scene where the'girl' yells, "I want to be a handsome Tokyo boy!" It's pretty ambiguous to me what they are each missing. I heard this movie described as a romance, but I wasn't clear that they had a romantic connection to each other, it was more like each missed part of themself.

The way the girl character sets up the date and is clearly invested, and the other woman from the restaurant is equally into her (in his body) and not into him... It was pretty subversive.
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Yeah, this was really quite a great movie. I remember the scene with her as an adult at the beginning, so for me the dramatic tension was "Will she be able to save her family?" not "Will she die?" Still a good thought. Loved all the extra characters, too.
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That was the most dramatic indirect kiss in all of anime. In all of anime. I speak as an authority on this matter.
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Just watched this! It was lovely. Mad, but lovely.

The artwork was stunning - a love poem to both rural and urban Japan.
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Just saw this on video. Loved the twists! The year thing I chalked up to hazy memory. Do you notice what year your dreams take place in? It’s only once they start leaving each other notes that they remember any details.
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Liked this movie a lot for all the reasons mentioned above, but it seems like it was a real missed opportunity to explore different expectations or even physical differences between being male or female. This was touched on a little bit with the whole breast-fondling thing (like, whose body is it at that point, exactly?), or with the friends claiming that they were acting "weird", but that could have been a much more interesting take on their differences apart from city/country. They never seemed to have any serious insights into what it was like to be the other sex for a while. We didn't see Taki have to deal with a period. Mitsuha didn't participate in any conversations with Taki's friends about which girls they found attractive, etc.
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Yelling DAMN IT at the TV when they pass on the bridge without speaking
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Also, “Yotsuha! My sister!” is an absolutely perfect gag, completely honest reactions from everyone, good scripting.
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