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What anime have you been watching this spring?
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I've taken to checking the Animefeminist reviews lately.

I'm enjoying Sakura Quest and ongoing Little Witch Academia. I may be watching Fukumenkei Noise ironically, like it's entertaining but I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to be taking the drama seriously or laughing at it.
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Taking a breather from current anime this season, for better or worse. Only thing I've been watching is Mob Psycho 100 after missing it last fall.

I was a little interested in seeing how Tsugumomo would manage on broadcast TV because the manga is incredibly problematic: In its favor, the mangaka is a fantastic artist working in the style of Katsuhiro Otomo (albeit a bit lighter and more cartoony), and the writing has created a world and characters (including the women) with plausible lives of their own; The huge strike against it is the frequent rapeyness, played for arousal and laffs (seriously, it's not just a once in a while thing). Judging only by the initial episode, the anime's solution was to retain as much of the fanservice as possible and play down both the rapeyness and the sophistication; the production is cheap, the voice actors are pretty generic and there's no engagement.
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And now having said that, I've read Anime Feminist's review of the first episode. The reviewer does a good job discussing both the positive and problematic qualities.
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I'm planning on checking out Little Witch Academia once it all comes out.
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I'm enjoying Little Witch Academia quite a bit. In fact, in a season with--for my money--more horseshit in it than most, even by anime standards, episode 8 of LWA pretty much restored my faith in animated entertainment. No spoilers, but the episode ends with a good thirty-second static shot of the bedspread on one girl's bed while the characters are heard but not seen moving around the room--presumably because the animators exhausted themselves and their budget on the rest of the episode so much that they just couldn't manage anything else.

Anyway, I popped in here to say I've also just watched the first episode of Made In Abyss, and God DAMN if it isn't my cup of tea to the point of having my name monogrammed on the saucer. Gorgeous art, reasonably smart writing, an imaginative premise, and hints of really neat worldbuilding. It's a lot of hopes to pin on one episode and all I can think now is "don't start sucking... don't start sucking..."
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