Strange Club movie for Monday: THE LOVE WITCH (Anna Biller, 2016)
April 14, 2017 12:55 PM - Subscribe

Currently streaming on Amazon Prime, and often cited as one of the best films of 2016.

"LA film-maker Anna Biller achieves an ecstasy of artificiality in this amazing retro fantasy horror, delivered with absolute conviction. It’s designed, produced, written, directed and generally auteured by Biller herself, and lit and photographed by M David Mullen – apparently without digital fabrication.

The Love Witch goes beyond camp, beyond pastiche; it ignites the pulpy surfaces of its tale and produces a smoke of bad-dream sexiness and scariness. It’s a B-movie with A-grade potency. But you have to stay with it, you have to understand its absolute seriousness before getting the comedy and the satire of the transactional politics in sex."

-The Guardian
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