The Magicians: We Have Brought You Little Cakes   Books Included 
April 20, 2017 7:56 AM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Ember recaps things so far as only Ember can, which brings us to now: "a crisis comes to a head when the true power behind the troubles comes to party. Battles are won and wars are lost, as Q and the others must protect their kingdom. Alice makes a startling revelation and things may never be the same." Your books mean nothing here! [Season Finale; Season 3 due out in 2018]
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Quick thought: couldn't Quentin's killing of Ember (and Ember killing Umber) trigger a magical re-birth of Fillory, as in The Magician's Land (Wikipedia article with plot summary)? "Super-god parents" are included there, but no "magical plumber" who works at the whim of those super-gods.
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The recap from the view of Ember was quite charming, yet drenched in blood and treachery.

Holy deviations Batman! Yet I'm fine with it. Janet/Margo rocking the eye-patch, Umber the nit-picking perfectionist, Eliot kissing his husband, there was just a lot to love in this finale than there was to quibble about.

I do wish they had the budget to do some things better. The exteriors of the castle in Fillory is just awful and the appearance of the faeries just seemed to lack any flair.
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Man, they crammed just a shit-ton of plot into this episode.

Not entirely sure how I feel about Eliot looking directly into the camera as he says "they must be getting tired of all the whimsy" or some such.
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We're so far off book at this point I'm not sure we're even in the library anymore.
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OME (Oh my Ember) just look at the list of tags off to the left!

So wouldn't the empty pages correspond to the twenty blank pages? Now I'd think that the topic of discussion would be just how long an average page lasts, but wait, it's really just Penny that knew about the pages and he's basically unconscious? Probably zonked out for about, twenty pages.

Quite frankly I don't have a problem with the show digressing, by the third book it seemed like it was going into handwavy lets get this book out to keep the publisher happy territory, although being nautically inclined I'd have been happy to have a full season mostly out on the magical seas having adventures with mer-people, but expensive to film and probably just bore to death most.
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