RuPaul's Drag Race: Reality Stars: The Musical
April 22, 2017 4:26 PM - Season 9, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Toddrick Hall directs the queens in a lip-sync musical about the Kardashian family.
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I want to find the full musical online, I'm kind of obsessed!
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I bet they are cursing that cheerleading challenge in RuHQ.

I was so glad we got the "wtf?" reaction from the queens to Charlie's disgraceful performance. And it was a pity the runway was rushed, but that musical number was to die for.
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Yeah, that's it for physically involved challenges. They'd have to be covering Eureka's medical costs, surely? It'd be part of their liability insurance. I'm very glad they're inviting her back for 10, I was looking forward to seeing how she progressed.
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Argh, can't watch Untucked from Australia!

My bestie got me hooked on this show while I've been visiting him here. Eureka was my favorite of the group and I'm really sad she's gone home, although I understand why. She's really shown how a big girl can use her body as a canvas to look FABULOUS.

Any bets on who is next? I'm thinking Nina Bo'Nina Brown is on thin ice.
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rednikki: I've been watching on Stan, and they have Untucked available at the same time as DR itself, although I think the Untuckeds might be a week behind.
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Sad to see Eureka go, really hoping she's back for next season. I'm completely over Cynthia and her cucu; after being criticized for not knowing her lyrics in a lip sync challenge, she went on to not know the words while lip syncing for her life. Her one trick was taking of her dress, I guess. She's lucky, Farah clearly won that lip sync.

Speaking of Farah, she's growing on me. She seems genuinely sweet and connected to the other queens. Watch her reactions to both Shea's win and Eureka's sashay.

Tops after this week: Valentina, Shea, Sasha, Peppermint. Alexis increasingly reminds me of Roxxy Andrews in both good and bad ways, and her Kris was incredible. She's rising, I think. Nina is too paranoid and fragile to hold on much longer. Still don't like Trinity, although her "I'm dressed like a turkey" line on Untucked was cute.
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Oh and I totally forgot Aja. I just don't think she's interesting or all that talented. In the bottom with Cynthia and poor Nina.
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Farrah in Untucked joking about her highlighter was kind of giving me life. I'm surprised by how much I've come to like her. You kind of just want to squeeze her and buy her ice cream. A lot of reviews around the web seemed to be pretty down on Farrah's lip sync but I actually thought it was pretty good - she was really precise and served great face. I'm with donnagirl that she deserved to stay over Our Lady Of The Cucu. Much as I think Cynthia is a good person and a sweetheart, that lipsync was super corny, her reveal was sloppytown (like, matching underwear at least?!?) and she didn't know the words.

I'm also we got to see some more of Valentina chilling in Untucked. There's something about Valentina I find totally fascinating. She's so dramatic and almost artificial and yet totally sincere at the same time. Even her regular interactions with people have almost a Brecht/Almodovar/David Lynch over-acted-on-purpose quality to them. Tom and Lorenzo also mentioned that Valentina is almost kind of scary, and I totally agree: she's so socially/emotionally aware and appears to pick things up so fast, through a combination of intuition and laser focus, that if she weren't so sweet, she'd be terrifying.

Poor Nina seems like she's really suffering. I don't think "paranoia" is exactly right but it seems like maybe something more than just depression; there's something about her that seems like she's just been traumatized. She seems kind of convinced that the world is a dangerous, unsafe place and that she is destined to fail. I really hope she's okay and that she gets a turnaround story arc on the show. Fortunately she already seems like a fan fave, so even if she gets a Katya-esque top 5 surprise boot, as long as she doesn't go scorched earth after the show or something I think she's about to be positively surprised by what happens in her life.

I've been low-key stanning for Eureka and I think this is actually a blessing in disguise for her. I think she and Trinity were kinda Bitch Eating Crackers about each other and this way they got a sweet moment together, and Eureka gets to come back without that conflict lurking in the background. She also gets the benefit of seeing what landed on camera and what didn't. There's something about her I really like: she's talented on a number of axes, she can be really sweet (check her out on the workroom web extras!) and while she might get extra/bitchy with people it doesn't seem malicious or calculated. If she ditches some of the hair loaves that people have been hating on I honestly think she'll be top 3 next season and might be the first big girl to win.
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My favorite thing in this episode was Farrah catching Valentina up on the Tyga drama. ¬°Escandalo!

While I agree that Farrah won the lip sync, I feel like people are judging Cynthia a little too harshly for flubbing the lyrics, given the language barrier.
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I actually got emotional when Eureka had to leave. Which is weird since I'm not really a fan of hers (although some of that is that I'm not sure I got to know her well enough). But I'm glad she'll get to come back next year.

Valentina remains my second choice. She's hilarious and sweet in a lot of ways, and also artistic and thoughtful.

(I am going to continue rooting for Sasha, but I'd like to see her personality come out a bit more. I know she's capable of it.)

I imagine Nina might be the next to go, which makes me sad. I like what she does, artistically, but I'm not sure if she has the stamina to make it through the rest of this competition.
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Nina really needs a helping of Good God Girl Get A Grip. Okay you wanted Blac Chyna but you got to play a Kardashian in the KARDASHIAN MUSICAL - get over it already. I like her, but that Inner Saboteur needs to be conquered immediately.

Farrah is a whiny crybaby, but also kinda funny and sweet? I find myself liking her, though I am sure in real life she would drive me mad.

Valentina is laser focused on that finish line and she is earning her place in the top three.

I still really like Sasha and hope she makes it to the end.

Cynthia lost that lip sync and it really is time for her to go. She is nice, but she isn't winner caliber.

Trinity continues to grow on me, she is surprisingly versatile for a pageant queen.

Alexis did a great job, but I believe she is a theatre queen, so that is to be expected. Her behavior in Untucked, however, was ridiculous.

Shea is also a top three contender - loved her runway and glad she wore an outfit that didn't look bad without padding.

Peppermint is not standing out for me at all. Aja is in the same boat.

Eureka is gone and I am fine with that. I was always impressed by her make-up and costuming, but her personality never worked for me. I guess I'll get a chance to reevaluate her next season.

Ru and Michelle looked great, and I found Meghan Trainor annoying as usual.
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Eureka won back a lot of good will for actually apologizing about her behavior in the previous episode and the whole thing with everyone talking about eating disorders in the gay community was quite touching (despite the whole thing being an obvious "reality show drama" set-up that actually paid off in kindness). I'm still not Eureka's biggest fan and the whole "person who I liked at first but eventually tired of but will be back for the next season" does remind me a lot of Cynthia, but I'm willing to give her more of a chance, especially when I remember that she's only 26. (There's a weird thing going on in my head based on the fact that the bigger queens have traditionally been older, so I expected more maturity from Eureka than I would other people in their early or mid twenties.)

I feel bad for Nina but do agree she's paranoid based on her past treatment. That said, if there was any conspiracy theorizing to be done, it should be that Alexis gave Cynthia the Kim part because she knew she wouldn't be able to do it. (For the record, I'm totally okay with this if it turned out to be true; it's not RuPaul's Best Friends Cucu Puffs Race.)

I'm glad Alexis got a chance to shine this week. She's been quietly safe in the past but has so far been a favorite of mine. (The Roxy comparison above is a really good one and that's probably where a lot of that initial goodwill came from. Likewise, I'm finally into Sasha because I've gotten over the initial reminder of Acid Betty who I wanted to like based on what was presented but could never get past the personality and Sasha doesn't has the opposite of that baggage.

And to ride my personal hobbyhorse one last time, Aja's makeup was better this week, so much so that I'm surprised nobody mentioned it.
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