RuPaul's Drag Race: Good Morning B*tches
April 15, 2017 3:58 PM - Season 9, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The queens form two teams and face off in a morning talk show war, with guest judges Naya Rivera and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.
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That lipsync, though. That lipsync. Tsk.
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I can lipsync better than that Charlie. Come on.
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I am so relieved Charlie is gone; I remember his tone-deaf 'Laquisha Jonz' act (which was exactly what you think it was, and was finally dropped after sustained protest), and I tend to lump him in with some of the worst aspects of British drag - the old school, super-racist, super-sexist, super-classist scene. It's changing, but slowly. And I love an old queen generally (Tempest DuJour, you went too soon!).

In other news, Valentina is increasingly charming my pants off; I adore Sasha but am worried that she's not pulling ahead with her runway looks yet; Shea, Peppermint, and Nina are my other faves.
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Charlie gave up because of having to lip sync? Gurrrl, really? At that point, she wasn't even trying.

If the shoes are too tall, kick 'em off. If the wig is getting in your way, tear it off in defiance. Ditto constricting clothes, or pull a Katya and do a complete wardrobe change before going back on stage to lip sync ... for your life.

Apparently, when queens sign up for drag race, they should be signing a form stating that they understand the show will require them to:
  1. Sew, or at least hot glue, a costume or five together,and at least once with unconventional materials;
  2. Lip sync at least once, because no one is safe forever;
  3. Sing, because there's always a singing competition;
  4. Act alone and with other queens; and finally
  5. Acknowledge that this is a competition, and anything you say or do can be edited to make you look worse than you are.
So far, we've had queens bitch about #1 and 2, and a little of #5 after the fact (*cough* Kimora *cough*), but the rest are generally expected to come up sooner or later.
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That lip sync was a travesty. Yikes. I see a moment coming when I will get very tired of shrieking, "It's SEASON NIIIIIIINE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DOOOOO!"

I was sorry not to see more of the Good Morning Bitches runway looks (although given the generally abysmal quality of about half the looks on the losing team, maybe I wasn't actually missing much).
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"No-one lip sychs in London" is such a copout excuse. Frankly I'm happy to see her gone.

filthy light thief: COSIGNED HUNTY. Like honestly.
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That said though, Trinity absolutely turned it out. That was an amazing performance and it's a crying shame she had to perform it against a barely mobile sack of spuds in overly large shoes.
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I would rearrange my morning to watch a show called "Good Morning, Bitches!" that was hosted by drag queens. Somebody, get on that.
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One quick question: Why oh why was the other morning show not called "Not Today Satan"?
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You know it was actually insulting to Trinity who was working that runway left, right and center to just stand there and then give such a bull excuse as "We don't lip sync in London". Then sing along to the darn song and actually try to win. I mean Trinity killed it, so Charlie didn't have a chance, but to not even try was insulting in my opinion. She mentioned how Bianca made it to the end without lip syncing, but you can be sure if Bianca had ever been in the bottom 2, she would have freaking tried to win the lip sync. Ugh, Charlie actually made me yell at the television.

Eureka has moved on to my "Don't Like" list. She thinks she is coming across funny, and it just reads as bitter to me. Glad Sasha called her out on it.
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One slightly mitigating piece of T is that apparently Charlie had cracked a rib during that god damn cheerleading challenge and was in a lot of pain.

But on the other hand, she did walk down the runway in those shoes! So she could have at least strutted back and forth a little. And even if you're a live singer by trade, hello, you still have to have some stage presence! You can't just writhe in place and awkwardly gesture to your vulva. I mean you can, I guess, but you had better find a more compelling way to do it than whatever that was. (Some people on Twitter/Reddit have been saltily noting that Madonna is still performing crazy-ass live shows, and she's a live singer who is ~5-6 years older than Charlie...)

And you had better believe that Tyra, Violet, Bianca, Alaska, Courtney, and everyone else who made it to the final three without being in the bottom 2 could deliver a more competent performance than that. We actually know this for a fact because they all did actually lip-sync once at the end and they all did way better than that.

Anyway, Trinity fucking killed it so this is a lip sync I'd rewatch, but man was it disappointing to see Charlie lay down on the tracks. I wasn't really feeling her in general (her apology for the Laquisha Jonz thing was pretty belated, and while an apology is better than nothing I'm kind of like, girl, did you really need to be told that wasn't ok in 2015?) so I'm not heartbroken, but it would have been nice to see her rise to the occasion a bit more.
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Eureka is indeed being really extra and I'm over it, which is sad because I was rooting for her based on what I could glean about her pre-season, and because I do feel like the big girls end up getting held to a higher standard than some of the skinny bishes. Accidentally telling a joke that didn't land or was over the line isn't the main issue, it's the doubling down on the defensive reaction. It's kind of telling that she was obsessing about Sasha telling her that she was a bad person for making the joke -- when Sasha actually did no such thing, that was all Eureka's own projection. I still think Eureka's really talented, but all she had to do in that situation was to say "sorry girl, I was just trying to be funny, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings" and they could have hugged it out. (You could tell Sasha didn't even want to have a big conflict with Eureka -- she would have been totally relieved to have any excuse to drop it!)
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The only time someone is allowed to LSFYL without moving is if you are Latrice Royale singing "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" to her faux baby belly.
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I get the Eureka annoyance, but she's still one of my faves. I like her, Valentina, Sasha, and Peppermint best at the moment. Farah doesn't have enough to offer, Trinity is too silicone and annoying. I don't think Cynthia is very good but they're going gentle on her. Shea and Alexis I keep forgetting. Nina Bonina, I love her, but I worry about the fragility and that they won't ever pick a queen who does mostly stunt makeup. Is that everyone? So many queens.
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As someone rooting for Sasha, I was glad for the win. I do worry what she does is almost too conceptual and subtle to work on TV (the runway look with the candelabra felt like a reference to The Innocents and/or Crimson Peak but that's not necessarily something people are going to catch). I was glad to get to see her be funny during her morning show segment, though.

The weird fight with Eureka was ... a weird fight. I think Sasha was right to call her out on it because you really don't know what other people have faced and making a dismissive joke about it may land wrong. I felt that's all Sasha was trying to get at. But I guess it's a reality show so there needs to be conflict.

I am liking Valentina the most out of my second pick.

Not particularly sorry to see Charlie go.
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I got the ending of this spoiled for me the weekend it came out and didn't get around to watching it until just now and I'm SO ANGRY about it even still. Coming on the show not knowing how to sew is annoying and raises my ire, but not lip syncing is like not knowing how to do your makeup *cough Aja cough*
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