Samurai Jack: XCVII
April 25, 2017 7:18 PM - Season 5, Episode 6 - Subscribe

As Ashi searches, she learns of Samurai Jack's good deeds from those who he helped...

... and she finds Jack just in time.
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THAT DICK JOKE THO. They waited 6 episodes to put the Adult Swim vulgarity to use and then there it was, out of the blue.

Very packed episode. The contrast between the Misadventures of Scaramouche and the darkness towards the end was classic. Seeing all the people Jack helped/inspired was nice - thought the rave kid's hunger games thing seemed trite, mind - but I'm glad they stuck to one episode rather than making the whole season callbacks.

The seppuku shocked me. It shouldn't have but somehow I hadn't connected the dots between Jack's feeling of failure and wanting to give up and the logical samurai conclusion... Anyone else notice that the Green Samurai's helm-strap was a noose?

Ashi being literally... ashy is amusing but having her fight essentially naked, in a catsuit of magical scar-tissue and pure darkness, seems unnecessary. The new Fern Gully costume isn't great either.

Here is a decent res version of the 70's style image of Jack that the Sam-Moo-Rhai prompted.

PS: filthy light thief you are killing it with these tags.
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I DID NOT EXPECT THE DICK JOKE. But I liked it. Very appropriate for the character and very adult. swim

I didn't mind the rave kids hand sign. I'm glad we now have a hand sign for Jack! * S *

That 70's style image is awwwesome. I might have to steal it.

I'm so happy to see all the old characters, and even parodies! Like robot Popeye in the bar, and Astro from The Jetsons as one of the anthropomorphic dogs. There might be more I missed.

I guess Ashi was literally NAKED the entire time. I wouldn't call it unnecessary though, it's very Aku-acolyte-cult-ish. But, anatomically, burn scars don't really grow with you like that do they? And you can't exactly just scrub that off? I guess that's not really the question in this world of magic and time travel, I'm willing to believe that was magical coal they jumped into that covered them with a protective layer of darkness that grows with them.

The leaf dress was... an extreme reversal to her past darkness. It makes sense, given how fond she is of nature. But yes, a bit silly.

I'm going to hold up S next time I go raving.
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I haven't watched Adult Swim in.. a very very long time.

I wasn't even sure I'd heard right when the dick joke came up.
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