The 100: DNR
April 28, 2017 12:48 PM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Clarke struggles to keep the peace after word of Jaha's discovery spreads. Raven makes a choice.

Dammit Abby, that's the second time she put Clarke's safety above everyone else. If she didn't go along with Roan, they could've convinced everyone that she's commander. Although I suppose Roan would've challenged her at some point anyway. I'm expecting another Deux Ex Machina to come and save Skaikru next episode so they can go into the bunker.

I'm not sure how to feel about Jasper and his merry band of "fuck it". And Harper joining them was kind of surprising; there weren't any indication that she felt that way. I can understand the guilt from not saving that one guy from black rain, but she didn't show that it was so overwhelming she wanted to just die. And poor Monty can't seem to live without her now.

So ok, Raven giving in to her hallucination of Becca and declaring that she'd rather go into space to die instead of the bunker is probably the most heartbreaking thing I've watched recently. Like three episodes of This Is Us' combined worth of sadness.
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Numaner, I thought the guy that died was Harper's brother? I could be wrong about that.

We all saw Commander Wanheda telegraphed from like S1 of this show too.

Also, I feel like Raven is the TRUE Commander here -- she will find a way to save humanity, even if it kills her in the process.

I secretly do want Clarke to get implanted with the Flame, though. Because she and Lexa are still my The 100 OTP ;_; and I want them to have smooches in virtual heaven.
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It wasn't her brother, I think it was one of the survivors from the Azgeda prison camp where they tried to get the hydroponics engine and ended up blowing it up. She was just really affected because she felt directly responsible for him suffering radiation poisoning and then dying.

The entire show could be about Clarke and Lexa battling the souls in the City of Light and I'd be happy.
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Yep just looked it up, some guy named Louis

RIP Louis, but also, Harper you probably just killed my KPOP dream Monty :(
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"May we meet again."
"We won't."

I've always really liked the religious phrases used by Skaikru, so Jasper inverting that into a denial was really powerful. Watching everyone break up into different groups as the end approaches was heartbreaking. Raven to space. Murphy and Ontari making their own, doomed plans before being brought back into the fold. Jasper and the partiers. Octavia trying on a simple life before finding that even now, in the face of the end of everything, that option is still not open to her.

I hope Monty talks Harper into coming along.
And Clarke deserves the flame.
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This one was good. I especially liked the stuff at the lab, with Raven, Emori and Murphy - that all rang so true to me. (I know that's a funny thing to say about a girl hallucinating about a dead super scientist while a mutant and a probable sociopath plan to starve to death rather than melt because of Hollywood radiation, but it's just been that kind of TV season.)

I'm assuming Clarke will end up with the Flame sooner or later, but I'm glad there to see twists and turns on the way there.

I was a little surprised by Harper's turn too, but I do hope Monty can talk her into coming to the bunker.

I'm looking forward to the coming battle royale, even though I figure it'll probably cost me at least on favored character. (I love Indra and Octavia, and have really come to like Roan.)
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If someone dies it might be Roan because he's also on Agents of SHIELD this season.
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Darnit. Although better him than Indra.
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