Sense8: Who Am I?
May 5, 2017 8:20 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Will and Whispers each race to piece together the other's location, while Lito heads to his first movie premiere since the photos leaked.
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Well, we get to see the group doing some good cooperation on the detective work here.
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Vulture - Sense8 Season-Premiere Recap: Finding Whispers

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to recognize the guy that was with Jonas at Sara Petrell's home. Presumably he was one of the other sensates in Jonas & Angelica's cluster, but I wasn't sure why he was featured so prominently if Jonas is the only one left alive in his cluster.

I was cringing a little at the 'defense of the white savior' Capheus part of the interview sequence, considering what shaky ground the show is on when it comes to some of their writing about race. And I'm still pretty 'meh' for new Capheus. But the 'by our powers combined' final scene of turning the tables on Whispers was fun.
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All those slow motion bits of Nomi and Amanita walking down the street (or even running to the lecture) somehow just gave me the wiggins, waiting for something bad to happen to them. And it's increasing hard to watch poor Will being tortured! This show needs more kittens. Or something.
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I really got nervous when Lito and Capheus were giving essentially the same speech, both on TV. The show may not go there, but that's how you get found out! But it would be more weird (and probably career ending) for Lito to shun the spotlight and Capheus was surprised.

The very end, finding Whispers, was fantastic.
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Capheus is getting set up to be the show's NuMandela, which almost certainly would put him in the crosshairs for Whispers to acquire and torture next. He is much, much more vulnerable than the other sensates, in that he's nearly always in public and dealing with strangers just to make his living.

Lito could easily brush it off in some actor-y way, and with his current media portrayal as a man of secrets/betrayer, he'd just shrug and convince them it was a prank to get reporters to quit talking about his sex life. Which I would love, tbh.
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Lito and Capheus were probably giving that speech in different languages though. With the vagaries of translation, I'm not sure they'd immediately sound like the exact same speech. BPO might catch on, I guess, but anyone else would just assume it was a coincidence.
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Just popping in to warn folks not to read comments in the AV Club link; the folks there are not careful about spoilers for later episodes.
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Finally getting around to watching it and man, the end was good. Also loved how they tricked and turned the tables on Whispers. Woo hooo!
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So I finally got around to binging this over the last couple of days!

I also loved the ending of them making Whispers afraid for his life. Also, as cheesy or whatever as the dialog can get, I love it. The interview that Lito/Capheus/the crew gave was compassionate and really touching.

I don't remember if they showed this or not last season, but I was under the impression that Whispers only know about Will and Riley from the cluster, so Capheus isn't in actual danger because no other non-cluster sensates have found him yet.
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