RuPaul's Drag Race: 9021-Ho
May 6, 2017 5:43 AM - Season 9, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The girls act ham-it-up in a 90's high school soap opera. Guest judges Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth direct.
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The eliminated queen never looked better. Take those makeup tips, girl!
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I am glad Nina stayed, though honestly I'd rather keep all the difficult weirdos on the show and eliminate the more predictable queens.
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I think the bottom two were correct, but I'm not sure the right queen went home. While neither was long for the season, at least Aja had taken in feedback and improved. Nina remains defensive and closed off to feedback.

Good win for Trinity, although any of the top three could have taken it.
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Reasonably good showings from most of the crew on the maxi challenge. Farrah showed considerably better in the final edit than she did in the rehearsal footage we saw. Peppermint proved that she could, in fact, deliver a line. Shea's commitment to leaning into her character was admirable, although pretty much what I'd expect from her. Valentina continues to impress (although I felt like the padding around her hips and butt for her runway look was way off) and Trinity is growing on me, dammit.

Now that several sources (including eagle-eyed folks here) have pointed out RuPaul's dramatically different look this season, I cannot un-see it. That wig looked SAD.
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Ru telling Farrah she was going to fuck her up after learning she was born in 1993 was super funny.
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I've been a big Nina supporter, but giving grief to Todrick Hall was bad enough, giving it to Jenni Garth was a bridge too far. I'm the Alexis Michelle of this challenge and was prepared to go online to make a Donna Martin Graduates joke and then the show gave it to me, because of course they did. (I could also listen to Garth and Tori Spelling throw shade at Tiffani-Amber Thiessan ALL DAY. ALL FREAKING DAY!)

On the flip side, many queens I've not been a fan of won some points with me this week:

Trinity earned her SNL call out this week and has definitely (though begrudgingly) grown on me. She's definitely unapologetically opinionated (one might say "a shady bitch") but she's also hasn't been WRONG in very many of her opinions either.

And in Untucked, we learned that Farrah is a drag verison of her mom and that is NEVER going to fill my heart with love (despite graduating from high school in 1993)

I'm a sucker for what Sasha's doing, though I don't think she can win it. She's very good at what she does but what it is is not enough to be "America's Next Drag Superstar" as defined by the producers of Drag Race.

My predicted final four this week is: Valentina, Shea, Trinity, and Alexis (in the Roxxy Andrews Memorial 4th Place Spot).
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Totally with you, Mike. I think Sasha will end up in the Katya/Bendela memorial Top 5 slot and will take Miss Congeniality, though probably Peppermint also has a legitimate claim to that title. Sasha's been by far the best and most versatile (tee hee) of the oddball art nerd queens to make it on the show, but I think she's a bit too reserved to take the top slot. My guess is that they'll seal her fate by making her lipsync against Trinity.

Speaking of, have super warmed up to Trinity (and her SNL call out this week was a thing of beauty). I had her totally written off as a pageant ditz but she's her own animal: funny, somehow both cold and endearing in a sort of Jessica Walters way, and a fierce "updated classic drag" style of high energy performer. And it was hilarious to watch her fuck with Valentina a little in Untucked, even though I also live for that spunky little diva.

Aja's time had undeniably come, but I'll miss her and I'm kinda bummed we only got the two lip syncs out of her, especially since this one was just a solid B+ for her and Nina.
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And this was a remarkably good acting challenge! Far cry from the wonderful trainwreck that was Shakesqueer. Sasha didn't even do badly as much as she was just a bit too low-key for such an over the top skit.

Also Farrah was basically playing herself but I was pleased to see her actually earn that safe spot instead of just being the least worst.
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Nina is almost a relic from an earlier, messier season. Her defensive lashing out is uncomfortable to watch, but that nonsense also makes for good TV given that she is also talented and funny. I would find her completely exhausting to be around on a regular basis, but imagine the Untuckeds if she'd been on Season 2 or 3 and interacting with people like Shangela and Morgan and Tatianna.
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The maxi challenge fell kind of flat for me -- maybe the writing just wasn't that great, but I really felt like there just wasn't that much to work with compared to some of the other group challenges (the Kardashian musical, the morning show).

I'm still rooting for Sasha but I agree that she's unlikely to win. I really love her aesthetic and I'm glad she's seeming more comfortable in the group but her style feels a bit weirder and quieter than what the show requires to win. I'm glad she's still in but I wonder for how much longer.
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Predictions at this point: Farrah and Peppermint – I like both, but they're not long for this world.

Agreed, darksong: Sasha is very talented but she's not "fun" in the way that the show rewards. I think she's getting a better edit than the Max-edit (in terms of being the offbeat/"arty" queen) and I picture her being a beloved top six, in the Katya / Alyssa Edwards elimination spot.

Top three will be Shea, Trinity, and... Nina Bo'nina Inner Sabourtina Brown, if she can get out of her own way; or Alexis Michelle, if she can't. Possibly Valentina will slip into that spot, or bump Trinity out of the top three, but I'm not hoping for that.

At this point I'm seeing Shea and Trinity neck-and-neck for the crown.
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My prediction for top three at the moment - Shea, Valentina and Trinity.

This was a surprisingly well done Maxi challenge from this group of queens. I didn't know they had it in them.

I have no argument with the bottom 2. They both did a good job with the lip sync, so I wasn't sure who would be sent home.
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9021-HO was way too long. Nobody wants to watch mediocre actors deliver mediocre dialog. We do want to see them struggle to rehearse and work with famous people. The final product should have maybe topped out at a minute long. Aja did finally look good on her way out but man is she boring next to all these queens.
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I disagree! I looooooved seeing the full thing! Same for the previous challenges, like Kardashian the Musical. I hate when we have to watch everyone rehearse for hours on end and we don't get to see the final product.

Also, Valentina is so beautiful, I could stare at her for hours.
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I was happy to see a maxi challenge without all the fast cuts and super editing - to me that meant they actually had useful footage for one of the first times this season.

I definitely miss the workroom banter and the longer time on the runway.
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I am a bit smitten with Valentina. I thought she was just going to be another pretty face but there's a lot of sharpness under there.

I was also underwhelmed by the 9021-HO thing, but had written it off to just not being familiar with the material being parodied. Guess not.

Also, NINA HUNNY STOP SASSING THE JUDGES. It never goes well. Nod and move on.
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The lipsync seemed a little clipped in the editing (yes, the song is genetically imprinted on me). I wonder if the performances were not exciting enough to warrant the full song?
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