Sense8: Obligate Mutualisms
May 6, 2017 8:20 AM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The Sensates make contact with a key figure in BPO. Ripped from her prison cell, Sun sends out a plea for help. Wolfgang meets an intriguing stranger.

Vulture recap - Jailbreak, Baby

*Will visits with Whispers in an interrogation room, gets him to bring Croome in by revealing how much the cluster has learned about him, texting him directly when Whispers stops repeating Will's words. Croome has Whispers sedated, and Will is finally able to walk out in the Amsterdam sunlight.
*Lito goes to his agents' office and learns that the deal for his upcoming movie has been pulled by the studio invoking a morals clause. They give him a stack of previously-rejected scripts to look at.
*Sun is pulled from her cell by 3 faux-prison-guards and reaches out to the cluster for help. When they taser her, all of the cluster go into convulsions, and when they hang her everyone experiences the choking (though Lito seemed to be absent from all of the taser/hanging shots).
*Just as Sun and the cluster appear to have lost consciousness, one of the assassin-guards is killed by one of her cell-mates, the older woman who is in jail for killing her abusive husband, and then Sun takes out the other two assassins.
*"Jailbreak, baby", says Lito/Sun, and invites her cellmate to join the escape. Sun smoothly takes a cigarette right from a guard's mouth before knocking him out. With the cluster's (and Bug's) help, she steals a prison bus and bluffs/hacks her way out the gate. When they ditch the bus at a parking lot for something more unobtrusive, the cellmate suggests they hide out with a friend of hers who lives nearby.
*Wolfgang and Felix go to the home of Sebastian, the rich guy who wants to give Felix a club, and are introduced to Lila Facchini, a sensate from another cluster, who mentally makes out with Wolfgang while Sebastian talks money-laundering with Felix.
*Capheus buys water from a street vendor, discovers that the price has doubled due to an upcoming election.
*Lito, Hernando, and Dani look at apartments with a realtor. The one in their price range horrifies Lito ("The cars come inside"), the beautiful upper-level unit is twice the price, but Dani suggests she sell her place too to pool their money, and Hernando agrees that it's meant to be.
*Will goes to a train station for mental visit with Jonas, and the rest of the cluster joins in. Jonas shows in flashback when he first met his sensate father there, and Angelica. He tells them that sensates can birth a cluster at any age, that there are thousands of them in the world and that their potential for growth is what terrifies BPO. He tells them about Angelica's first cluster birthing, which included someone named Todd who just wanted to go back to normal, and Raoul Pasquale, a reporter from Mexico, who interviewed Lito early in his career (also they got smoochy). Raoul was the only person from that cluster who Jonas met in person (and he was with Jonas at Sara Petrell's house in the previous episode). When the members of that cluster began disappearing, Angelica went searching for them, which led her to Chicago and working with Whispers.
*Sun and her old cellmate enjoy a meal at the friend's apartment. She used to be a restaurant owner, but ended up in prison for transporting drugs to pay off the gambling debts her husband ran up before his suicide.
*"And now, life is a big trap made up of little traps. If you listen hard... sometimes you can hear them snap shut."
*Will goes to a museum to meet Croome, in front of Rembrandt's "The Night Watch". Croome says that BPO (Biologic Preservation Organization) founder, Ruth El-Saadawi, believed homo sapien & homo sensorium to be "obligate mutualisms, dependent on one another for survival", but that the War on Terror changed BPO to view sensates as the enemy. Croome gives Will a bottle of psi-blocker pills as a gesture of good faith, says that he is part of a faction within BPO who wants to return it to its original mission.
*But as Will and Croome begin to shake on it, Whispers stabs Croome to death with a pen, using one of his lobotomized sensates, who was in the museum room sketching, then has her kill herself.
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(I watched this last night but made the mistake of not drafting the post as I was going, decided to re-watch this morning so I could note the plot points.)

Does anyone know the name of Sun's fellow jailbreak prisoner? Couldn't figure it out from imdb. Not sure how she was supposed to have gotten to the hallway in time to save Sun, since it seemed like the assassins dragged Sun from the cell in the middle of the night, but, whatever.

Lito's trying to explain to Hernando about the condo driveway was precious. "The cars come inside!" and Hernando trying to translate that into something normal like, 'oh, you want me to ask about parking? ok'
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Does anyone know the name of Sun's fellow jailbreak prisoner? Couldn't figure it out from imdb.

Nevermind, got it from another episode - she's Min-Jung.
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It seemed kind of odd that everyone has taken up referring to Homo sensorium as a thing. My objection was that it felt like a group decision and they all started to do it, but, well, that's how it works! We don't really have to see Nomi and Amanti coming across the theories in their research and then Nomi talking about it with the crew.

I was really excited to see the bit at the Rijksmuseum in the trailer, as we just got back from Amsterdam. It was lovely to see some of the surrounding area, which is near where we stayed.
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Oh, and while it did look like there were four people sleeping in Sun's room, I thought we saw Min-Jung mopping the floor near the no-camera room where the fake-guards were taking Sun. So she was close by, and with something like a weapon.
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I had SUCH a fangirl moment during this episode. The author interviewed at the book shop is David Mitchell (who wrote "Cloud Atlas" which was adapted by the Wachovskis, obviously). Mitchell is one of my all-time favourite authors and it was so perfect seeing him being part of Sense8.
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One of my favorite things about this show is the Lito/Hernando/Dani relationship.
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"Jailbreak, baby" is priceless coming out of Sun's mouth. The most deadpan, serious, non-wisecracker of them all? Adorbs.

I also looooooove Lito/Hernando/Dani as a threesome. So adorable as well.

I totally love Sun's prison friend and wish all the best for her.

The strangling and tasing was freaking me out.

Damn, that Lila, shiiiiiiiiiiit girl!
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That was not Min-Jung in the hallway mopping, she was in the cell when Sun was taken out, when she saw the "look I used to see in the eyes of my husband". A lifer like her probably can come and go from that cell as she pleases, and she most likely borrowed the mop from the other woman.

The author interviewed at the book shop is David Mitchell

This scene is actually in the next episode, I was confused for a minute.

I didn't immediately realize the painter that stabbed Croome was a "drone". I thought it was another BPO sensate that worked with Whispers, and was really taken aback that she would take her own life like that.

Also yes Lito/Hernando/Dani is just so great.

God is there ever a jerkass in one of these shows who is not named Todd? Todds are the worst.
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