Sense8: Polyphony
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Kala and Capheus are caught in the middle of angry protests. Lito looks into a journalist's disappearance and uncovers new info on Angelica's cluster.

*The museum goes into immediate lockdown; the cluster realizes it was a set-up. Sun/Will takes out some guards, then Lito/Riley goes into drama-llama mode to distract security while Will makes a quiet exit. Wolfgang apologizes for missing the meeting & escape and tells them about Lila
*Kala and Rajan go to an at art gallery, Sun basks in sunlight doing tai-chi on the rooftop, and Wolfgang and Felix enjoy the clublifee. Kala meets Ajay an acquaintance of Rajan's, who had business in Seoul. Kala and Wolfgang find themselves visiting each other in the bathrooms again, and share near-kiss while Lila encourages, but Kala's friends enter and the connection ends.
*Wolfgang visits Lila in her car, she admits that she works for BPO.
*Bug's mind is blown after Nomi reveals the truth about sensates.
*Sun has a smoke on the roof at night, and is joined by Min-Jung.
*Min-Jung: "I have met strong women before. But... none of them were like you. Soo-Jin said you have a heart as soft as a baby bird. It was what made me like you the moment we met. Part of me wants you to find your brother and make him pay for what he has done. I know that part of me would enjoy your revenge. Whatever you do, child... do not let it be at the cost of your beautiful heart."
*Kala goes to the temple with her mother-in-law, their first time their since Rajan's father was stabbed, to find heightened security, and angry people.
*Capheus' bus run is halted by traffic, and people rally around him as they confront the water-truck-man demanding double the regular price.
*Amanita closes up the bookstore to find Agent Bendix in wait, and races off on her motorcycle to shake the tail. The situation at the temple escalates when Rajan's mother is recognized, the water-truck confrontation escalates as people are nearly trampled, and Nomi, Kala, and Capheus visit each other's locations in panic-spirals, but eventually everything resolves safely.
*Riley goes to see an old friend and his drug-making buddy (who's a big Lito fan) for analysis of the psi-blocker.
*Capheus is interviewed at a Nairobi tv-station, having become a minor celebrity for his first interview and now his actions at the water-riot.
*Kala comes home to find heightened security; due to Manendra's political appointment (or run for office?) there have been threats made against his family, and a bomb intended for Rajan was intercepted.
*Lito goes to see Raoul Pasquale's father to ask about his disappearance, and remembers his interview/balcony sex. Mr. Pasquale shows Lito (& the cluster) Raoul's room, and gives him a device hidden behind a Lito movie poster. It contains a recording of an experiment on Angelica's Todd, by Whispers and Kolovi (the guy Nomi & Amanita talked about her 'thesis' with previously)
*Back at Mrs. Cho's, two policemen knock on the door, and tell her they found the discarded prison uniforms. She tells them the prisoners left last night and invites them in to search. Sun knocks out one cop in the bedroom, then races out and is chased to the roof by the other. As they fight in the rain, they recognize each other - he is Woojin, the man she made love to after beating him in the martial art competition. After she knocks him out and returns to the apartment, Min-Jung tells her to go on without her, that she's enjoyed her taste of freedom but will only slow her down.
*Will awakes from dreams/flashbacks of Jonas and Angelica -- actual-Jonas is being wheeled into a surgical procedure by BPO; he says they must no longer find him useful other than for the cluster to witness his demise, and the episode ends with someone taking a bonesaw to his skull.
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Oh, Lito. I loved his museum-distracting scenery-chewing so much. And his like-to-dislike of Riley's ex-whatever drug dude. And his 'I'm not gay, but actors should try everything, right?' flail-panic in the Raoule flashback. I just love Lito so much!

I thought maybe the two cops were just more assassins until the Woojin reveal, but him being an actual good-cop seems like it will be more interesting.

I hate to pause my binge at such a suspenseful point, but I gotta head into the city shortly for an IRL, will start up again tonight though.
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I'm rather confused by the Indian subplot. It's just so divorced from reality. The Indian government is current led by the right wing Hindu nationalist BJP. It's really hard to accept a scenario where aggressively anti-religion candidate would be in line for any political role.
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As I said in the last episode, I was just able to visit the Rijksmuseum. And by getting there when it opened, we were able to see The Night Watch with almost no one else in the room. But later in the day, when there were as many people as we saw exiting the museum, that room and the entire wing always had plenty of people. There were also museum staff/security hanging around that room the entire time. So they stretched things a little bit there, too. But it was still fun to see, which is really what is important.

Thus far the episodes seem pretty balanced, with every sensate getting part of each episode.

And it was fun to recognize the lab guy analyzing the psi-blockers for Riley as Kick Gurry, who was Jupiter's cousin in Jupiter Ascending.

I also cringed in fear for the cluster at Riley's ex trying to get her to do a DJ set and stream it. Same for Capheus doing an in-studio interview for the TV station. But I guess I am victim-blaming; they should be able to live their lives. (Which is likely part of the point).
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I also cringed in fear for the cluster at Riley's ex trying to get her to do a DJ set and stream it. Same for Capheus doing an in-studio interview for the TV station. But I guess I am victim-blaming; they should be able to live their lives. (Which is likely part of the point).

The bad guys know Riley is a sensate. Doing the live stream is very silly for her.

But only the Cluster know about Capheus. Whispers has not seen anyone except for Riley and Will. Everyone else is currently safe from BPO.
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I thought Whispers had at least seen photos of Nomi, or seen her through Bolger's eyes but not made eye contact with her?
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I think Detective Mun is not Woojin. The two are played by different actors, and in Mun's flashback to their fight, it was the same actor. Also Sun's takedown of Mun is different from her takedown of Woojin.

oh bile is right, Whispers does know about Nomi besides Riley and Will, but I don't think he knows that she is part of their cluster (unless he has their birth date/time and can conclude that they're in the same cluster that way). Also I forgot about Bolger. I should rewatch the first season again.

I really appreciate how full of emotions each episode has been and how strong the actors are. I've been tearing up left and right. Sun's farewell with Min-Jung was so good. I'm going to miss her. You better go visit her Sun!
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