Steven Universe: The Good Lars
May 10, 2017 7:51 PM - Season 4, Episode 23 - Subscribe

Steven, Lars, and Sadie are invited to a potluck with the Cool Kids! But will Lars' ube roll cake be too weird?
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The first (and only) good Lars episode.
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Lars has some big anxiety issues. I felt so bad for him in this episode, he's trying so hard but can't get over the roadblocks he's putting in his own path. He represents a pretty common and relatable set of insecurities, I really can't blame him. He needs professional help. I think he's now my favorite human character that has never wanted to fuck a rock*.

That is also every shitty potluck I ever attended with a group of young peers. Lars probably lucked out on the very real embarassment of bringing something way fancier than everyone else.

*List includes: Greg, Connie, Jaime, Mayor Dewey.
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Ube is a Filipino dessert. Lars's last name is also Barriga.

Just after this episode was available on the app earlier this week, people were suggesting that this meant that Lars was (at least partly) Filipino. Ian, confirmed he is via twitter today.

I thought it was a good episode. Especially in light of what's to come.

The first (and only) good Lars episode.

I actually liked the episode where Steven takes over Lars's body. I know it's horrible from many moral angles, but we got to learn more about Lars in an interesting storytelling way, and the actor did a fantastic job of voicing Steven being Lars.
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mmmm I love me a good ube cake. haven't had it in a while.
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I always love seeing the Cool Kids being, you know, cool kids. They're clearly in their very late teens, but they still go out of their way to make the apparently much younger Steven feel included, never talk down to him, and treat him like an equal even if they think he's a bit weird and messed up at times. They genuinely enjoyed their time making music with Sadie and were sad when Lars didn't show. They're good eggs.

And I'm glad to see that their just letting Sadie and Lars work out their relationship on their own terms, slowly and calmly. I'm not Lars' biggest fan, but I love Sadie with the fire of a thousand suns and am very glad to see the both of them get some good development.
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oh wait i should point out my favorite quote from the show:

"That's pretty smart. When did you get so mature?"
"Somewhere in between learning to summon my shield and finding out my mom is a war criminal."

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Sour Cream's lights-out glow stick celebration is how I'm going to react to all good news from now on.
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