Silicon Valley: Customer Service
May 29, 2017 9:59 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Erlich searches for relevance, Richard strikes a deal with acquaintances from the past and present, and Guilfoyle and Dinesh find a bug in their software.
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Man, you know the episode is a snoozer when the only thing I laugh at is Jared getting slapped.
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I feel like the show might be a little out of everybody's control at this point, which is a nice way of saying it seems aimless. I feel like I haven't seen Dan Lyons' name in the credits for a while? Looks like he even co-produced Season 3, but not involved now.

Another metric is the episode synopses, where in the first season you see descriptions of ~4 lines, and as you go down the list, they're 8-10 lines or more.

Remember "Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency?" Good times.
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a nice way of saying it seems aimless

Yes, this. It feels like it's struggling with whether to be episodic or serialized and it's landing much more often in episodic: none of the storylines seem to last longer than a couple of episodes and the stakes always feel very low because everything keeps resetting.

I wonder if there's a bit of a Lost effect going on: they don't know how many more seasons they're going to get, so they've ended up treading water instead of plotting towards a conclusion. And thus they risk becoming basically The Big Bang Theory with slightly ruder jokes.
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I think the next move has to be something not resetting.

Have them all start to see success and become the antithesis of how they started.
It would be interesting to see a Dune Messiah type switch, so where Richard hates Hooli and hates what it has become, he sees that the only future for him is to become that.
Even more so if he realises that his algorithm and distributed net genuinely can make things better for a lot of people, but in order to do so he has to become Gavin Belson.
The mahdi becomes reluctant tyrant, but is unwilling to commit to what needs to be done.
Having gained Gavin Belson's patent (which is Princess Irulan and the emperorship in this metaphor) his algorithm (powered by the coders of Erlich's Incubator Tabr sweeps across the tech world. He is powerless to stop it but is unwilling to go far enough.
Richard has become every bit the monster that Gavin was before him.
The next season Jian Yang merges with a giant worm to rule Silicon Valley for 10000 years, taking control of all the VCs who brokered power before him.
Big Head is repeatedly cloned a million times so that his genetic material can be used in Jian Yang's generations long breeding program.
Series 14: sex nuns from Diaspora return to wreak havoc.

I know I got carried away somewhere..... but it's not clear where.
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Just this guy, y'know, I hope someone is buying the option on your script right now.
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