Lucifer: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy
May 30, 2017 4:51 AM - Season 2, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Charlotte accidentally burns a man to death, leaving Lucifer to keep Chloe from figuring out what really happened. (Season finale)
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It's been so long since Amenadiel stopped the passage of time, I'd half forgotten that was one of his powers.

I was rolling my eyes when Lucifer was leaving that "I'm ready to tell you everything" voicemail, figuring that would be the cliffhanger and wondering what they'd do next season to prevent the confession, and just kinda snorted an 'of course' when Lucifer got knocked out. But I was not at all expecting him waking up in the desert with his wings restored, so, good on the writers. (Even if there really are 4 more episodes filmed & now being held back until S3.)

Amenadiel and Lucifer squabbling over the necklace was adorable. And Amenadiel at improv class.
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Spoiler (close this quick if you haven't)... Wings!

They announced it was picked up, returning September and changing day (Monday better?). Wouldn't it be cool if they got a big CGI budget and had great flying sequences all around the city, zooming along the beaches, the hills, perhaps through that new universe.

They kinda need to find a way to move on from the "omg look what wacky devil person did now"which probably works in comic books repetitively but is getting old with live actors. Seems like "Dad" is showing up, seems like a tricky story plotting problem being the ultimate deus ex machina trap.
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Heh, I hadn't seen the news that it had been renewed, so I assumed that Lucifer suddenly having his wings back was just them going out with a bang. It seems like that would be kinda difficult to hide.

Had to have been dear old Dad (or a sibling working on his instructions), though, since Luci burned his original wings back in S1.
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and changing day (Monday better?)

Same day, just moving from 9pm to 8pm.
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It's actually an improvement in time slot, a bit earlier into prime time. I wonder where they're going to put Gotham...

We haven't seen Amenadiel stop time in awhile because he'd lost his powers. Lucifer waking up with wings suggests that all their powers are being returned, including Mom's potentially nuclear light show. Loved Lucifer tossing the sword -- but not the key -- through the rift right before it closed. And I wonder who will get the delicious job of explaining to poor mortal Charlotte just what her body has been doing for the last few months.
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I'm so worried about Doctor Linda's future, and so proud of Maze and Lucifer for acting like actual friends to her.
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I think the end scene in the desert with wings is a flashback to the story of when Lucifer left Hell and came to Earth, which will be the first of those four remaining already-filmed episodes they pushed to the beginning of the fall season.
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Well the minute he left that voicemail message for Chloe, it was obvious he was never going to get to her place. But putting that aside for a moment, I couldn't figure out how he was going to tell her about his true nature. He's already tried--a number of times. And it never works because she nullifies his powers. So if he can't prove his divine nature in some way, what is he going to do? Keep talking about Dad and Hell? That hasn't worked so far.

At this point, I don't see how the writers are going to write their way out of this corner, outside of having somebody (Maze? Linda?) film him while performing some supernatural feat and then swear to her that what they filmed wasn't a trick. But even then I don't know if she'd buy the story.
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Seemingly Chloe only nullifies Lucifer's invulnerability. When she's around he can be hurt or killed, but he can still desire-whammy people or throw a person effortlessly across the room.
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I think the end scene in the desert with wings is a flashback to the story of when Lucifer left Hell and came to Earth

IIRC in a season 1 episode (the wings auction?) Lucifer talked about how he and Maze first arrived on Earth on a beach, not a desert. But that's something that could be retconned.
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That's actually a pretty good point. Okay, just ignore my earlier post.
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I was grumbling about the obvious tell-Chloe fakeout because it's time. You can only maintain this sort of situation for so long dramatically and they're reallllllly straining against the limit.

Once Lucifer gets back to L.A. he better tell Chloe. Or... or... I'll post a strongly worded comment.
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I was grumbling about the obvious tell-Chloe fakeout because it's time.

It really is. Plus there's plenty of material to mine there, with Chloe having to wrestle with the moral/ethical implications of having Literally The Devil help her solve crimes and put people in jail.
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