Intruders: Bound
September 27, 2014 10:24 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Jack meets Rose. Richard meets with Rose. Rose meets someone old and new. . .

Jack pretends he's in the hotel, to Amy, so he can tear apart their home. He finds divorce papers and Amy's triggers, the latter by opening a home safe deposit box with a file hanger. That last bit bugged me until I just decided that it was actually made out of a flimsy box instead of metal. It certainly looked that way from how Jack handled it--exactly as how one would handle an empty, lightweight box.

The neighbors turn out to be shepherds who are insanely bad at killing Jack or getting him to leave. Rose shows up and winds Jack up by revealing she caused Amy's miscarriage and buried, instead of cremating, the body. Jack digs up the body and sits and cries, in the rain I think, for a long time. A really long time. The camera lingers overly long.

Madison's parents find the guy she killed in Fox's old house. The mom gives a long, boring soliloquy to the cop about why she failed as a mother and how that was her sole reason for existence. (Well, she just set herself up for failure there. There are other things in life.) It's overly long and overly dramatic.

Earlier Richard agreed to break the group's rules by finding and bringing back Rose's former lover--a non Qui Riverti. Somehow, using whatever information his mentor left behind, Richard finds and triggers the guy.

Rose gives an emotional, treacly, speech about how much she loves the guy and now they can be together. Whereupon, the guy, a youngish Asian-American dude working as a waiter in a random Asian restaurant that is apparently next door to Rose's office or home, says, to Richard and Rose:

Only probably much calmer. I'm thinking that as well, you see. Out of the billions of people on the planet, PLUS the ones in space, how did you find this one soul who wasn't even triggered yet?
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I'm still trying to figure out how they track down potential sleepers. The shepherds have been at this a long time, and must have developed a body of techniques, but we only ever get to see the final result (shepherd holds up trigger, target's eyes go weird).
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