Killjoys: A Skinner, Darkley
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Well, Viktoria Modesta was terrific. I'd seen pictures of her on the web before what with her spectacular & varied prostheses, but I guess I was under the impression that she was a model, didn't know she was a musician too (that "I'm the pro" song during John's capture at the bar is her song "Prototype"). And this was her first acting role per the Lovretta interview? Hope she gets some more. (The musician angle had me imagining what a bad-ass villain she would have been on the Highlander tv series back in the day.)
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We have the same towel rack Lucy is equipped with. I guess they have Ikea in the Quad!

I thought the casting was great. I really appreciate the commitment to representation Michelle Lovretta expressed in that TV Junkie interview linked above. I hope other shows take some inspiration from Killjoys and broaden their perspectives on casting.

I do hope they bring Niko (and all the Hackmods) back. We didn't spend a ton of time with them, but it felt like there was some depth to that community.

I'm digging the hostility between D'Avin and Turin. "You think you can get by on your chemistry and cheap cologne?" "Don't take your bad haircut out on me!"
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Niko brought her own prostheses. I kinda chuckled when I heard the motif in the hackmod bar before we saw her - "ah, that's fitting", then they cut to Viktoria and it was a nice little bit.

Half makes me wonder if Emika was in the episode that used Centuries.
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Oh and Erik Knudsen borrowing wossisname's wig from Criminal Minds threw me for a minute until I realized who it was.
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Watching that Prototype video makes me hope that Modesta gets a big movie role in the near future. Like, if next year's Oceans 8 spawns a sequel, I want her to be the 9th member of the crew. I feel like Hollywood casting could easily pigeonhole her as the scary baddie - the Bond villain's henchwoman type. I liked the scary revolutionary thing she had going in the video.
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