Killjoys: The Hullen Have Eyes
July 15, 2017 9:00 AM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The Killjoys trace the last coordinates of a Black Root ship to a radiation scorched planet, finding an abandoned Hullen training camp, creepy inhabitants, and a surprising connection to their past.
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I thought this episode was entertaining, but really required a lot of handwaving. The main plot really felt like classic Star Trek, in a good way, the trope of stumbling across an isolated community where an opportunist is taking advantage of a cultural belief system.

I don't think the writers know how radiation works.

The Black Root ships must be TARDISes, because that white room they were in seemed much larger than would fit inside one of the ships as seen from the outside. It was nearly as big as a townhouse I lived in that had vaulted ceilings.

I have no idea why Johnny was so upset at Zeph. I get that he's feeling territorial, but it felt like I was supposed to be on board with his reasoning in chewing her out, but I wasn't. Also, they're leaning on the word "nerd" pretty hard in a way that feels forced and un-nuanced.

I liked the revelation that working for Aneela really sucks no matter who you are.
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The voice Hannah John-Kamen is using for Aneela is neat - it's sort of childish, in a creepy-horror-movie-child way. I wonder if she's ever going to need to do a scene of Dutch pretending to be Aneela, or vice versa? I bet she could pull it off.
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Anyone recognize the filming location of the village?
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Ditto-ing on the ship/radiation/nerd. (The 'hackmod' thing is pretty weak, too - philosophy/prejudice/costuming, everything. Interesting idea, poor execution.)

That said, I hope we see a lot more of Kelly McCormack/Zeph.

I liked this episode on a lot of levels, especially the story and treatment of a (forcibly-ed, to boot) sight impaired subject. Nice to see a little complexity.*

My take on Johnny is a little bit of jealousy and a little bit of having a crush on Zeph (and being in denial of the fact) and not knowing how to process that.

MovieMaps only has season 1 of Killjoys covered, but I wouldn't be surprised if the village was a soundstage.

OTOH, it's likely not the Black Creek Historical Village (the colours/windows don't match), 20 minutes from downtown Toronto, but the look is really consistent and there must be other "Historical Villages" or the like nearby.

*er, modulo "critical period," long term suturing of eyes really mucks up the visual cortex - no way she sees beyond light/dark moving/non-moving blobs for a good long while. If she was sutured during the critical period (typically really really young), sight might never return or only in a highly impaired form.
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Yeah, pretty sure it is not Black Creek, and definitely not Upper Canada village. It has that look though.
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Found it. It was Pickering Museum Village
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I have no idea why Johnny was so upset at Zeph.

It's because she doesn't give a shit about people. She only really cares about solving the problem/winning.

In the field, Johnny wants someone who actually cares about his team.
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Yeah, I understand it intellectually, it just seems like they shorthanded it, they didn't develop her ego problem enough, and she's been with the team such a short time that it seemed like sloppy writing.
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Yeah, the vision bit was really bad. I was hoping they'd take the girl to a hospital with future-science giving her back her vision. Or at least sunglasses until she could handle light. This was some truly lazy writing.

I did enjoy Johnny's back-and-forth with the RAC woman about multitasking. Also good was stabby Aneela. Crying Aneela? Not so much. I really miss Klein and I think the plot needs him, certainly he'd have been a more welcome resurrection than Pret Whatever Her Name Is.
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