Cowboy Bebop (1998): Cowboy Bebop: Ganymede Elegy   Rewatch 
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Stripped to its basic pieces, the 10th session of Cowboy Bebop is a simple story: Jet returns to Ganymede for the first time in years, meets the woman who broke his heart, and finally lets her go. But it's never that simple.
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Finally, the big Jet-centric episode.

I realized midway through that I didn't remember quite remember the ending to this one, since the final chase between Elisa/Rhint's boat and Jet in the Hammerhead elicited a real suspense-reaction in me. For a second there, I thought somebody was going to die. Obviously Jet can't die here, but I was afraid for Elisa and/or Rhint, and just a little afraid for what it would do to Jet. Remembering the ending as it happened was a small but sweet reward.

I think this is also an episode that gets better as you get older. I'm about the same age as Jet (he's an older-looking 36, I'm a youthful looking but still bald 37) and I completely relate to this storyline in a way that I didn't when I first saw it at age 24 or so. I've been in the meeting-the-old-girlfriend's-new-boyfriend situation at least a couple of times now. I've also been in the position of having to account for myself to someone I haven't seen for a while and basically having to say "Oh, you know, just going around with some weirdos."

I also liked the background of life on Ganymede, and how the seaside setting fills in some of the backstory on why Jet bought a run-down fishing boat (the Bebop) when he became a bounty hunter.

I have a few more thoughts on this one, but I'm stopping for now to catch my bus.
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Drinking bird

The obvious is they are in a bar, Elisa pulls out a bottle, so it's an ellipsis that they sit there and drink. But its movements and its use within the show are similar to the shishi-odoshi (yes I had to look up what that was called) and how that has been used as an ellipsis in other shows.

Time is not stopped like Jet's watch would have us believe. It's passing, calmly, with each dip of the bird.
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