Friends from College: Mission Impossible
July 20, 2017 6:44 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Ethan and Lisa do everything for in vitro fertilization to work. Max and Felix celebrate a special date. Sam decides to open it.
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I get it. Most normal people don't know about drugs and needles and whatever. Freaking out is depressingly common.

But - diabetics, people on medications for chronic illnesses would agree that they (the IVF seeking) should just chill the fuck out and just follow the simple fucking instructions. Shame that it takes longer to explain why and most people won't (won't) want to know, than to just tell people what they have to do. Leading to this shit, where people freak out because they don't understand why - of anything.

Was going to forget this series, until the "We have no Oxy!" - SOP there would be to call the cops. Pharmacist dude went out of his way and tried to intervene to promote a better outcome. But that was an awesome callout of their behaviour.

Felix - allright, he's ok in my books, and a lot more patient than I.

Too bad the viewer POV wasn't strictly through him - the show would be a stronger comedic farce than the uncomfortable "hee hee this is kind of like the time that I (only I didn't)" new-medium Friends adaptation.
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Key's "I'll suck your dick" line made me laugh the hardest of any other line in the entire episode. It was so unexpected.

I liked the series overall, I don't know why it got so much hate online when people seem to love shows like Always Sunny. I found the characters in this way more likeable than the Sunny characters.
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The gang on Always Sunny is a bunch of loathsome idiots. We're not supposed to like them; we're just supposed to enjoy their outlandish antics.
This group is well-educated, well-employed, upper-middle-class people who are supposed to be likable. These antics are supposed to be funny but relatable.

But they're not relatable. I like the people on this show and I'll watch the whole thing, but I don't feel like a lot of this makes sense. Why are Ethan and Lisa paying $30,000 cash for in vitro fertilization while still living on the couch in Marianne's house? I feel like if you have $30,000 in cash, then you probably aren't going to have that hard of a time finding housing in Manhattan. And maybe that should be your priority.
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I kind of like that moment when Lisa asks about the painful bruises on her stomach, and Felix says it's normal and will go away in 12-36 weeks, and then he immediately whines about his paper cut.

I also liked Sam in therapy, which offers some hints as to her motivations in the affair and some actual vulnerability.

The Atlantic calls this episode: "one of the most realistic portrayals of infertility in TV history."
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I don't think we're supposed to like these people. Except maybe Lisa.
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