Friends from College: Party Bus
July 22, 2017 10:46 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

To cheer up Lisa, Ethan hires a party bus to take the friend group on a wine tour Long Island.
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Ok I liked this episode, from the terrible wines in Long Island, to how they are all sloppy and lightweight and are all really bad at partying now, to the bus driver getting in on the action.

Everyone being all-in on Max's glitter tshirts theme was cool.

The Ethan/Lisa emotional stuff was annoying, Ethan completely lacks judgement - you're having ongoing emotional conflicts with your partner and you think that getting absolutely loaded with them and your friends including your secret-FWB isn't an absolutely terrible idea?

The characterization of emotions and frustrations and insecurities through the lens of profound inebriation was good though.

The "change of plans!" was a nice sentiment.

Jebus, Felix. It doesn't sound like Felix actually tried to call anyone (the onus was on Max to contact him) and was making up all kinds of unnecessary drama, but it's probably to use it as an excuse not to have to deal with these schmuck friends of his anymore.

Miriam being an... indifferent... driver is a little too stereotypical/racist/sexist but there's an eventual payoff, I guess.
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