My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 364: Face 2 Face: Dumbledore’s Magic Buffalo Wings
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Here's our live show from the beautiful Balboa Theater in also-beautiful San Diego! Thanks to everyone who came out!
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This was my favorite live episode in a while!

Also the boys, and especially Travis, killed it on @midnight! It's like the format was perfectly suited to all those usually unacknowledged Travis jokes.
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My one regret about the @midnight MBMBaM appearance is that Griffin didn't get to describe himself as a 30 under 30 luminary.
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Oh, I'm so glad the brothers tried to stop the couple who wants to have a special dance to do at parties. They're very, very right on that. I've never even seen The Dark Knight, but I wish I had I recording of the Travis and Griffin's bit on Batman ordering Indian food.

And, yes, Travis did kill on @midnight!
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Happy to see Justin wearing a Hinterlands Bar t-shirt.
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Why, what is that?
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Why, what is that?

Stuart Wellington's (of The Flop House) New York bar.
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Agh, the tix to see these beautiful boys in DC sold out in like 12 hours... I'm such a dingdong for not jumping on it until after work!
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Super happy to hear Trav, as others have said, proper killing this one.

I always feel like Trav is the Brother who kicks out the least amount of immediate laugh out loud quippy zingers (although to be that's only in comparison to his brothers, which isn't a fair comparison based on normal human levels of funny) but occasionally hits a magically amazing transcendent thing (Benedict Cumberbatch's Home For Sharp Faced Boys is, in context, still probably the funniest thing I have ever heard another person say out loud: I thought I was going to have some sort of literal aneurism).

But on this episode he was just hitting it out of the fucking park non stop. Travis definitely shines in live things.

They're all so good and lovely though. How wonderful to find some comedy which isn't necessarily clean and sterile but which manages to be so inclusive and avoid the shitty punching down jokes which infect so many things, particularly on the internet.
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Why, what is that?

Stuart Wellington's (of The Flop House) New York bar.

NYC has a super active Max Fun fan community (with regular meetups, fun events, etc) and Hinterlands is sort of the group's home base. There's a group Bachelor/ette watch party there every Monday because of Rose Buddies, for example.
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