My Brother, My Brother And Me: One Guy, One Guy, and a Chicken Place
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Folks, from movie reviews to daring escapes, this episode has it all! Stunning confessions! Fast food war! Gordon Ramsey fan fiction! Ghosts! You won't believe how much we cram-jammed into one episode! Talking Points: Meh, 2GGPP, Hauntings Squared, Elevator Home, Gordon's Secret, Chicken Success, Metaphysical Tyler, Andy Mac
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Ghosts haunting other ghosts was literally the climactic reveal to The Others.
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Also The Frighteners, kinda?
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I’m still really confused why this doesn’t have an episode number.
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Sooo if anyone else was wondering where the new Cool Games Inc was, prepare to be super disappointed by Nick's behavior: dude was creeping on women on Twitter and has been suspended from Polygon. Fuck. Here's Griffin's response to the situation.
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It's awful, made worse by the sheer volume of men on Twitter demanding to see proof, as though they have the right or the authority to do so. Glad that Griffin was explicit that this shouldn't be done.
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Solid episode overall but Travis was on fire here. His dropping the episode title was a classic gag-that-the-other-brothers-move-on-from.

RE: Nick Robinson: it's all awful but the Cool Games Inc subreddit has actually been surprisingly good in response, cf. suggesting a game where you treat women with basic respect like a decent fucking person. Not universally good but they're generally responding to this better than I would expect for a reddit community, with a lot of following Griffin's sentiments.
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Re: the Nick Robinson thing: Waypoint Radio has a good summary of what happened and a solid discussion of the fallout, in particular answering a question from a guy who put a lot of effort into fan art/videos of Nick's stuff and who is wondering what to do about it now. The Nick Robinson discussion starts at 32:54.

As for the actual episode: Really solid! I loved Griffin freaking out about his brothers' elevator stories in particular.
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