Orphan Black: One Fettered Slave
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A devastating loss is suffered; Sarah learns that Helena has been kidnapped; Clone Club bands together to find Helena before her babies are born.
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You misspelled bebez
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Helena's look after she asks for water, oh, oh my.
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"you are shit mother"
Helena FTW
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We got home late and only managed to see the last 20 minutes or so...basically Helena trying to off herself and her bebbez. That was so hard to take for both of us.

I didn't notice it in the soundtrack...Did they play the Helena theme at all when she was dealing with Cody? I don't believe they did, which reveals a little something. She was acting clearly and with thought, and not caught up in the fog of wherever her head goes when she goes postal on someone.
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I was really distracted by the fact that young Helena was played by a different actor. Writer Alex Levine gives the reasoning for the switch in this interview:

Cynthia Galant played young Rachel in Episode 507. Why was Habree Larratt cast as young Helena for this episode? Cynthia was cast to portray young Rachel, and we love her in that role. She’s composed and obedient and restrained. She’s a wonderful young actor with great chops. But in portraying young Helena, we wanted to be sure we had an actor who could explode emotionally, who is wild and untameable. And Habree really blew us away during the auditioning process. Her portrayal gave us the confidence to expand the scenes with Young Helena.
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From the AV Club review:
• Hope you all listened to the credits.
Well, I would have had BBCA not played a freaking ad for another show over the credits. What did I miss about the credits? I assume they're referring to the music choice over the credits.
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Helena sang along with the Troggs song heard earlier in the episode.
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Goodness gracious, this show is just tearing me up these last few episodes. I might have to wake up extra early next week and watch the last episode before I go to work. (Right now, I've been watching them when I get into the office Sunday mornings.)
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Coady telling Mark that he'd be one step closer to Gracie, oof.

I still don't think Helena is going to make it (although I was sure she was gone this episode, so).

Art descending those stairs in the dark and extending his baton (not a euphemism). And Scott! Oh, my heart.
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Writer Alex Levine gives the reasoning for the switch in this interview:

Nice interview. Could someone help me out with this part: "John was always eager to show her first kill, and the twist of her not knowing she’s a clone really made it sing"?

I missed something there. Who did Helena think she was killing if not clones?
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Clones, but she didn't know she herself was a clone.
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I didn't notice it in the soundtrack...Did they play the Helena theme at all when she was dealing with Cody? I don't believe they did, which reveals a little something. She was acting clearly and with thought, and not caught up in the fog of wherever her head goes when she goes postal on someone.

Just rewatched. Helena definitely got her music when she disposed of Coady. Holy shit!

(Sarah who is no slouch at doing what needs to be done is also so perfect in that scene.)
posted by torticat at 4:38 PM on August 6

Clones, but she didn't know she herself was a clone.

Got it, on rewatch. I'm kind of impressed by anyone who picked up on that the first time around, though!
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The thing that I love love love about the Helena storyline is how she went from what was quite frankly one of the scariest unknowns in the first season to the strongest ally in the later seasons. I mean, I had nightmares with Helena's theme in the background, that's how well they did it.
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Might Clone Club go public for their finale? Much information already has gone public about the board and Dyad and the faked longevity scheme and the genetic harvesting stuff. Maybe Cosima and Alison and Sarah and Rachel and Krystal (and Helena?) all stand up in front of cameras and ask the remaining Leda clones to come forward, to accept the cure Cosima has developed?
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Oh and the other thing that I'm sort of confused by - is there any bigger in-universe reason for Allison's major lifestyle change? I mean, OK she realized she was still the same person she was a few years ago with the pills and booze, but it feels like a huge change that didn't really pay off other than some minor jokes with Donnie.
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Kyol, I think that's probably going to be revealed in the finale. (If it isn't, I'm going to be very disappointed, because that particular narrative ball has been dropped for a while, and the reason should be something important.)

I didn't understand why Donnie was at Mrs. S's funeral, but Allison wasn't. If it was to keep the Clone Club secret, why? There were a few people there who probably didn't know (the singer, for one), but enh. They all know they're in the endgame now. (I'm definitely up for the Clone Club going public.)
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Yeah, I'm not sure what the point of keeping the Clone Club secret is these days. Habit I guess. But it's not like Dyad/Neolution is going to... What? Kill them like they mighta coulda used to with the monitors?
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Neolution killed several board members and made them look like suicides in this episode alone, and the infamous "Helsinki" plan killed many of MK's cohorts in Europe years ago, so I wouldn't put it past them to kill the clones remaining clones now.

My guess is that the clones won't go public because after all this they just want to go on with their lives. Going public will turn their lives, and the lives of unaware clones, into a never ending media freak show. Plus, there's all the murdery things that the government would hold them accountable for.
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I just hope we're done with losing members of cloneclub and friends. Losing Helena would be heartbreaking. She deserves to be a good mother to her bebbes, after all she's been through. Losing Art to whatshernamecrookedcop would be very angrymaking. Brick through the tv angrymaking.

And if there isn't a satisfying payoff to Alison's new look, I'm done with this show.
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Sadly, Thorzdad, you're done with this show either way.
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Ah. I forgot to add the sarcasm tag.
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A stray thought that's been poking at my brain all day: what if Alison isn't Alison?

Where did she say she was going - California?
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(Apparently she didn't say where she was going, according to Bustle.)

I really should do my searching before I hit post.
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Is there any indication what the overall show "time" from S1E1 is? I mean, 9 months since Helena's run-in with the Proletheans which was late S2, so what, maybe a year overall? 18 months tops? I'd go with "well, who doesn't want a new look after 5 years" but it's not really that long in character development time.

*shrug* It's not like ship truther-ism in GoT, it just sorta gnaws at me.
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...which is probably also why we haven't seen Gemma and Oscar Hendrix much - the actors are probably like 20 now, sneaking off for smokes between takes.
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They mentioned the time span I think last season? When they were exploring how Beth died. It was shockingly not long ago.
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(and I have this theory that male vs female style variation is why the Castor storyline kinda fizzled out - there's a lot you can do to make the Leda clones unique and distinctive, but after a while Castor clones had to have facial scarring because there was only so much the character designers could do. "You aren't getting 7 distinctive characters out of the Castors. We got... three? ish? and some mostly unmemorable milspec variations? Sorry, man.")
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Ah, I knew I had thought about this before!

Did I misunderstand or did someone at the club mention they had spoken to Beth six months ago? Meaning all 3 seasons have taken place over six months? That is both totally believable and totally shocking.

Transgressive Border Crossing Season 4, Episode 2

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In the interview that Pendragon linked above, Alex Levine said:

Orphan Black is really three or four shows in one: a thriller, a love story, a horror movie, and a suburban satire.

I hadn't really thought of those genres separated out like that--I'd thought of the show as thriller with a lot of comic relief thrown in.

If the the showrunners think of Alison's story specifically as "suburban satire," then maybe they thought it would be funny/fitting to end her arc with a midlife crisis. That might be all there is to it?
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