My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 369: Bro's Better, Bro's Best Ch. 122 - 133
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Two-thirds of the brothers are on vacation this week, so they've prepared you this special trip down memory lane in their absence. We're not sure why the audio quality is so terrible on memory lane? Those cobblestone streets just have awful acoustics, we guess.

0:45 - What do you Think?
2:37 - Slim Goodbody
3:15 - The Debt Ceiling
4:08 - Justin the Dream Master
4:52 - Closing the Dildo Loop
6:54 - Soft Weed Voice
11:20 - Ghost Combos
13:07 - Ostrich Decapitation
14:58 - Ghost Energy Everywhere
19:14 - Blast My Cache
26:16 - Ghost Stories
30:35 - Unk
41:40 - Shitty Iron Man
45:50 - Killed at a Carnival
47:31 - Adult Teen Baby
51:04 - Blowing Loads
54:01 - Garfield is Funny
56:08 - Frosty the Snowman Logistics
59:58 - Clean Extreme Restraints Ad
1:05:01 - Final Yahoo
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I made this post because I wanted to tell someone that I thought it was pretty funny that they put in the clip about Justin's grudge against wizards, magicians, jugglers,prestidigitators, etc. (see also: Taako)

This episode cracked me up pretty good in general.

Also I just wanted to note that I'm going through the back catalog and I just listened to the episode where they come up for a name for 2016 (Building Bridges) and I wanted to point out that Griffin correctly predicted that 2016 was going to be a preparation for 2017, in which shit will get real.
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Good lord, the Extreme Restraints ad has caused me problems at work. (Just from laughing, not the normal trouble caused by Extreme Restraints at work.)
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I think creepy weed voice gives me ASMR tingles. I don't know, but I love it.
posted by gladly at 9:49 AM on August 31, 2017

I swear I listen to every episode of this show, and have listened to stretches of the back catalog 2-3x over, and somehow at least half of these bits were new to me. Which is awesome.
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It could have been all ghost goofs and I would have been happy.
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So you're on Metafilter, and you click over to Fanfare. And there's a new post about the most recent MBMBaM episode. You're so excited, but you catch yourself--what if it's not a post but a ghost?

But it's not a ghost. It's a post. Phew. So you click on it, and you read it. You're happy to see that other people have already commented. But as you're about to start reading the first question, you get a shock: what if everyone posting is a ghost????

But they're not. They're just MeFites. Double phew. It's a good good conversation. You read through it, and you decide to post your own comment. So you go about typing up your post, and you're so very glad that each and every key on your keyboard isn't a ghost (you checked), and you're glad that the screen isn't a ghost (again, you checked). You're free: you're safe. You click on 'submit,' but nothing happens. The screen doesn't refresh at all. And that's when you realize: the submit button was a ghost the whole time.

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There have been a couple of "blow my load" type questions, haven't there? I want to say a teacher that said "bust a nut" instead of "bust a gut"? Any others?
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There's one where someone's boss calls every image a meme
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