My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 370: Dax Don't Care
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Justin and Travis have returned from their annual pilgrimage to Margaritaville, and they've got plenty of stories from inside that challenging environment. Griffin wasn't invited, but only because he's forbidden from ever stepping foot into one of Jimmy's restaurants again for the rest of his life. He knows what he did. Suggested talking points: A Thorough Margaritaville Review, Accidental Bike Thief, Friendship Contract, Fish Vape, Forgotten Serendipity, Winning a Celebrity Twitter Argument
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I could have listened to Griffin dunk on Tim Allen ALL DAY.
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The description of the weird North vs. South thing at the Dolly Parton/Pirate-themed restaurant sounded absolutely mortifying.
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The description of the weird North vs. South thing at the Dolly Parton/Pirate-themed restaurant sounded absolutely mortifying.

Right? Like it's your first time there and they ask you if you want to be seated on the north or south, and you're like, idk, wherever a table opens up first, and then you find yourself defending the Confederacy just based on your physical location in a restaurant?

That is insane.
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The first time I visited my cousin in Florida in 2003 there was Confederate iconography everywhere (towels, bikinis, souvenirs) and I was shocked and appalled and I was like "What the heck? Can you believe this stuff?" She was like, don't say that stuff too loud, they'll get into it with you. I'd hate to be in a situation like they described with the restaurant.

Tourist spots around the US are becoming extremely uniform with the pirate theme shit etc. The way they describe it is so evocative, I can just feel the sticky humidity & tired feet.
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Man Griffin sure did go in on old Tim though huh? I listened to it again cause I was only half paying attention the first time and man that was brutal.
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Question: Are the brothers aware of Tim Allen's Idea Exchange
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1) Oh my god I spent an inordinate amount of time on fan forums for things when I was younger and forged friendships and was heavily influenced by great people there and now I am picturing getting that experience on Tim Allen's Idea Exchange and aaaaaaaa

2) The Really Big Questions subforum does have the most posts, tho. Maybe they're figuring shit out.
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Oh! So Griffin and Rachel got real sick of The Bachelor after it got real awful this season, and they've retitled Rose Buddies "Wonderful! An Enthusiast Podcast" and it's just going to be them discussing things they enjoy and I can't wait. They've just updated the existing feed with the new name, so you shouldn't need to do anything if you already subscribed to a Rose Buddies RSS.
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Tangentially related: Jeff Reads Tim Allen's Memoir and Giant Bomb UPF: Tim Allen Idea Exchange. The Giant Bomb folks have some fun with Tim Allen as well.
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I recently read an article detailing the whole Dixie Stampede experience (that I swore I saw on the blue but I guess not, based on a quick search) and as soon as they started going through the menu at the pirate place I knew it was a Dolly thing - the menu is exactly. the. same. Soup with no spoons, even!
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Well that's the feistiest I've heard Griffin being for months. Why did he start doing a sort of cod-Brooklyn accent when he was shouting at Travis?

This was a good episode.
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It's been a good couple of weeks of shows. I attributed it to the younger brothers coming out of the fog of parenting a young infant but it could also be that I am back to double-digit episodes in my listen of the back catalogue, which is kind of rough by comparison.
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If you've got live show tickets for this weekend, you should check the podcast stream and/or McElroy social media. There have been some mix-ups with starting times on some of the tickets, showing 8pm starting times when they should say 7pm.
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I am back to double-digit episodes in my listen of the back catalogue, which is kind of rough by comparison.
There was an interview with Griffin on another podcast (which also interviewed MeFi’s Own Greg Nog about Lil Friendys) where Griffin just straight-up said he’s considered going in and adding an “episode zero” that just says to start around episode 150 because he’s so completely not proud of the early stuff
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When I first started with MBMBaM I jumped around through the early stuff to try and get a feel for them. I... pretty quickly gave up and just stuck to the new episodes as they come out.

Maybe if I find myself needing lots of podcasts again I'll go back to 150 and see again, but I don't do nearly as much traveling as I used to.
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I'm still backlistening, but I'm at 296, so I have...a long ways to go until 150. It'll take me a while given that I only listen to older episodes right before bed, and only when I don't have a new MBMBAM episode or I'm not in the mood to listen to my many non-McElroy podcasts. They've got a hefty enough back catalog and enough new output that I may well end up asymptotically approaching episode 150, inching ever closer but never reaching it, let alone attempting to go back to single digit episodes.
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I started at 1 a few weeks ago and I gotta say, they said some things that made me cringe but I was expecting something a lot worse than what I found.
(Also, on this topic, they hardly ever say "good good ___ boy". Like maybe a couple times? I was led to believe that they said this like a catchphrase).
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I've been surprised at how many of the "they're obsessed with X" goofs only show up once or twice. Being back to 90-something, I'm pretty impressed at how rarely they repeat themselves.

I think "adjective adjective boy" shows up more in Monster Factory.
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After the Agatha Christie ejaculated book, I started listening to the "Anne of Green Gables" audiobook and it uses ejaculated too.
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