Killjoys: Wargasm
September 5, 2017 1:01 AM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The universe has a memory, that's all time really is. Our whole life to hold in moments; the sweet and the sour, the kisses and the scars, our beginnings and goodbyes. All written down in time, recorded, so the universe will know we were here, so we won't be forgotten. We are all made of memories and this is how I remember it ending.

In a blink-or-you-missed-it moment, Pree and Garet are handfasted. Turin leads the army as D'av and his brother try to rescue Dutch who got kidnapped by Delle Sayeh. Dutch and Aneela enter The Green. Fancy saves Turin's life. Delle Sayeh has Aneela's army surrender but she and the Jaquobis brothers are lost in space. Khylen returns.
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Having Aneela and Kendry outwit Dutch was excellent writing. I was rooting for Dutch but this raised the stakes and highlighted Aneela's capabilities. Also, infiltrating the enemy's ship was Dutch's plan, so really Dutch should have figured out that Aneela would get there first.

It's good to have Khylen (or his ghost?) back but he put both women through a lot. The reveal of the knives was cool though.

Zeph slightly annoys me and her false I love you statement did't help. With Dutch preoccupied, I see the value of another character with which the brothers can interact but she could tone it down a little, she's not 16.
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What a great season finale!! And two more seasons to go, YES!!!
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So many wonderful lines!

"Let's name her Michelle. It's a name for someone who is bossy but means well." (ep written by Michelle Lovretta)

"Last question. If I'm a Hullen, do I get a new Hullen name? And is 'shitbag' already taken?"

"Wait, who's minding the bar?"
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"Thanks to you, here I am on Leith, fighting aliens with a bunch of warlords,  eating exotic canned meats. I married up."

"It's war, not prom."

"Every proper villain is someone else's hero. "

"Those people did build an entire religion off calling her the devil. How would you feel?"

"Just the tip. Would you like all of my decibels?"
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Yeah, I thought it did a good job of maintaining the Hullen vs Humans tension while letting Aneela and Dutch go off and have some personal time against the _real_ Big Bad.
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Sweet handfasting and that Last Supper tableau in the forest was a nice touch. The show's almost Farscape-esque in the turning of antagonists into allies against a worse villain, I like it. There's a wonderfully Jungian feel to Aneela and Dutch's relationship- the former has been wounded by trying to out-source her inner goodness into a separate person, or something like that.

What happened to Bellus this season? Only a minor character but it was nice to see an older woman telling everyone off all the time. Ahem.

In other news I am still mad about Alvis being dead. WHO IS WITH ME?
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Yeah, I'm really going to miss hunky monk :-(
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So many wonderful lines!

Just finally watched these last two episodes. "How do you feel about apostrophes?" got a laugh from me. And I'm too happy about the 2-season-renewal and Garet surviving this season to be upset about Alvis. I mean, he was a great character, but, maybe because he was preparing for his possible death via the Reckoning ritual, it didn't feel as tragic to me as other character deaths?
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This was the way to do a season finale. Sharp dialogue, big stakes, unexpected twists, fun and a bit of tension. I'm looking forward to the return next season. And to watching with all of you.
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