The Great British Bake Off: Biscuit Week
September 5, 2017 9:57 PM - Season 8, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Sandwich Biscuits, Fortune Cookies and a Biscuit Board Game!
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The real question is whether Operation is a board game.
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Noel seems to be warming up nicely and chemistry seems to be slowly developing along the hosts judges and bakers. I miss the old Team, but this is fine. Partly it's the well chosen bakers who keep it aloft.

I always get fond of the charming and talented, slightly kooky bakers who are just a bit too erratic to reach the final. So far, I like Yan and Liam. Flo is good TV but not long for the tent I fear. Steven and Sophie are highly promising.

I get the sense that they've upped the challenge level to avoid the accusation that it's been "dumbed down" for Channel 4. The time for the Showstopper seemed very very short!
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I can't say how relieved I am to find the show format essentially intact, in spite of the loss of Mary, Sue, and Mel. The differences are still a bit jarring, but it turns out that as long as they don't muck with the music, it still feels like GBBO to me. I'm having a little bit of trouble warming up to Sandi, but Noel is unexpectedly lovely and I like Prue very much.

This seems like a very cordial group of bakers, even by the standards of the show. The moment when *three* bakers stepped in to help Tom finish his Signature in time was so heartwarming, and I love how vigorously they're cheering each other on after the judging.

Steven is definitely an early fave (I find his incredulity at his own success very touching) and I don't know that I'm going to get to enjoy him for long, but Liam is a total sweetheart. Anyone else having trouble telling Kate and Sophie apart? I know Sophie's hair has been in a braid for the first couple of episodes, but I still keep having to remind myself which is which!
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I kept wishing that someone would do Catan! Lots of hexagon cookies (sorry, biscuits), and then some nice little thin ones for the roads and houses and such. But I guess copyright would've been an issue? (See also: "The Jungle Game").

I continue to cackle gleefully whenever Yan is on screen, and am just thoroughly enjoying this batch of contestants in general (A stunt double in training! A amateur blacksmith! Flo dancing with her friends to "All About that Bass"!).
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Flo is ADORABLE but must confess that I can't understand most of what she says!
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I'm having a little bit of trouble warming up to Sandi, but Noel is unexpectedly lovely and I like Prue very much.

My wife said the same thing about Sandi last night. I've watched her on a number of things over the years, and she's quite funny usually, but it seems like she's been asked/told to play it down a notch. I also like Prue, though I gather that the bit where she spat out the half-baked biscuit caused quite the stir among British Twitterers as "Our Mary would never have done that!"
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Was also hoping for Catan but to have it be fully playable, I suppose they'd technically need to replicate the decks of cards. Something like Carcassonne would work well.

On licensing, operation is copyright by Hasbro..

After "you will mostly poo candyfloss", I was kinda expecting to see Noel playing Meeple Circus.
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Battleship would be a *great* game for this format. You get to eat the ships you sink..
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If only one of the bakers had been a Warhammer 40K enthusiast we could have been treated to a battle scene of edible Space Marines and Chaos Daemons. ICING FOR THE ICING GOD!!
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Sandwich Biscuits, Fortune Cookies and a Biscuit Board Game!

I for one see a glaring omission here.
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*not ricochet biscuit-ist
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More goddamn fondant "frosting". I'VE GOT YOUR FONDANT RIGHT HERE *gesticulates rudely*.

Otherwise, yeah, it's settling in nicely. I worry that at least one or two of the Meet The Bakers segments has felt a bit like they've slipped a ringer into the competition. I forget who it was, but they had someone working in front of a far-too-nice wedding cake and not the usual "look, Albert here likes to make baked goods for his council meetings, he's also an avid turnip breeder."
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(which, I should clarify before I come off as fondant-ist - fondant as an alternative to marzipan where the baker wants to make small decorative touches that hold their shape? Fine, OK. But as a way to hide all the blemishes of a baked good under a silky smooth fondant layer? bzzt. It's cheap and hacky. You get some minor points for making your own, but not much.)
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I liked Noel before he joined the show (I love The Mighty Boosh), so he has a bit of an advantage in terms of me getting behind the new hosts. Sandi, isn't really zinging for me and their partnership doesn't come anywhere close to the fantastic chemistry of Mel and Sue.

The playable board game challenge seemed like a fun idea, though I think it would have been better later in the season.
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Finally getting around to S8. In first two episodes I have seen Paul:

1. Flirt mercilessly with Flo
2. Poke jelly cookies and say "BOIIINGG!" as they wobble
3. Make terrible puns
4. Play naughts and crosses with Liam
5. Laugh!

I don't remember him having this much fun in previous series. He was so grouchy. I miss Mary, Sue and Mel, but I'm also surprised at how refreshing the change is so far.

Noel's exceeded my expectations, and I think there is chemistry between him and Sandi with plenty of room to grow. Sandi's narrating voice is a comforting blend of Sue and Mel's.

And I really like Prue!
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Haha, UK Biscuits; my boyfriend was ready to be very impressed by a whole show dedicated to flaky buttery layered bun things. Also, "turnip breeder"; that would be so amusing!

I have trouble understanding Flo the most, but luckily, most of flirting is non-verbal.

I am glad that no one had anything to say about Yan "born in Enfield" winning the fortune cookie challenge -- maybe it doesn't even cross UK minds, but if this were the US I'm sure some production point would have been made.

I do think the "with the side of a glass" cue might have been confusing, as it suggests sealing the rounded edge, empanada / pasty / pierogi style; I think "with the blunt side of a knife" would have been more helpful. Then again, the technical challenge recipes aren't known for maximum helpfulness and rely on the contestants to have eaten / read widely!
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Ugh so over Steven and his effing airbrush. I really feel like they've upped the difficulty and it is less-good that way. I want to see people nailing interesting things and fun flavors, not using cosmetic tricks to get to the top.

Also is it me, or does Prue hate all flavors? At least Mary loved the taste of liquor.

Glad to see it back though, here on US Netflix.
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I'm going through the series on Netflix in the US now, and yeah - it does seem to have a lighter, slightly more playful 'air' about it. It's still a cooking challenge, sure, but they seem to be having more fun coming up with the challenges and showstoppers for the contestants.

Also - I am Team Yan and Team Liam.
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I just watched this, and I already didn't particularly care for Chris, and then, the MOMENT he dissed fortune cookies as not being as "wholesome" as other dishes, I was like HELL NO. I believe that was the only time in all of GBBO that I have actually cheered when someone was eliminated.
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Paul seems to be hamming it up a bit this season, I wonder if that's just because he's in a better mood (I'm assuming he got a salary bump), or if they asked him to be a little bit more effusive since he's the only remaining cast member from the old version. He's always done that bit where he pretends to be confused/unhappy, holds for a beat, then says "that's a beautiful cake", but in this episode he kinda turned it up to 11, shaking his head, feigning disapproval, then going all-out in praise.

Anyway, it's not as impressive for an amateur baker to be on a semi-professional level when that amateur baker also has the resources to own a yacht, which was the case with Christ. I'm always so impressed with the middle-class bakers with full-time jobs that somehow manage to practice two multi-hour bakes each week.
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