Within the Wires: Season 2, Cassette 1: Tate Modern (1971)
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Museum Audio Guide #1: Tate Modern, 1971

The voice of Roimata Mangakāhia is Rima Te Wiata - and interesting to note that this is the (fictional) artist mentioned in S1 Cassette 10. Is season a this a prequel to Season 1?
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I think it must be a prequel to Season 1, or at least discusses the background of Season 1's world. I wasn't sure if Romiata Mangakahia was the artist mentioned in Season 1 - was she the one who painted the cottage by the sea?

I am super curious about The Great Reckoning. The peace I think she said was signed in 1938, so it predates WWII and was concurrent with what would have been Hitler's rise - did that happen in this world?

Also, I loved this episode and already want more.
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