You're the Worst: It's Been
September 7, 2017 11:53 AM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

It's now three months since Jimmy drove away from Gretchen in the one-hour season opener.
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Gretchen speeding through a recitation of "One Week" is in the top ten of amazing television scenes of 2017. Hell, her whole manic episode is. Aya Cash.. respect.
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"But work is for day."
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Also, Kether Donohue... marry me... you are goddamn hilarious.
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Lindsay and Edgar doing their Gretchen and Jimmy imitations was hilarious.
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I am amazed how they managed to turn Edgar and Lindsay into Jimmy and Gretchen, while lampshading it, and it all worked for me.
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I binged most of the first three seasons in a few months last winter and the whole time I was like "Please don't let Lindsey and Edgar get together, she'll be terrible for him" but they really sold the two of them as fuckbuddies
and I'm here for it. (Of course, as Etrigan refers to, that's how Gretchen and Jimmy started out, so ....)

I also loved their imitations. Kether Donohue really nails Aya Cash's slightly Old Hollywood way of speaking.

The stuff with Jimmy at the trailer park felt pretty predictable but also really enjoyable.

So glad this show it back!
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