Stratton (2017)
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Dominic Cooper is Stratton. A Special Boat Service agent who's doing Special Boat Service type stuff. Aided by a mid star cast of that guy, from that other thing, and Derek Jacobi.
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So, this is not a good film.
Some of the acting is I think ok, given the terrible lines they've been given but the story just makes no sense.
It sort of stumbles from bit to bit with very little integration, and there were clear budgetary problems, like where the big plot at the end is to release a bio toxin in London but they drive a double decker bus through London, through Trafalgar square and then into the countryside before trying to release the toxin because they ran out of money and couldn't afford to film the thrilling conclusion in central London.

The only reason I watched it was that the scenes of Derek Jacobi and Stratton's home are all filmed on the island where I live in and around my neighbour's boats. So I enjoyed those bits.
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It has Tyler Heoclin in it. That man cannot appear in a good movie. It's part of the deal he struck with the genie for his abs.
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